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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

How’s About A Blouse?

I’m really into a nice blouse right now. If the Blouse Barn was a real shop, I’d be it’s most frequent customer. Me and David Rose would be best friends and we’d go to Karaoke Bars, drink Mojitos and sing Tina Turner songs until the dawn broke. Except we wouldn’t, because it would be shut, like everything else right now. But this is fantasy, so don’t rain on my parade.

Back in real life I am actually wearing more nice tops now. After all, the only place to socialise (other than with other dog walkers over the back field) is online and top half is the only half that gets seen. So I have been busting out the blouses at least a couple of times a week. I haven’t really worn shoes that aren’t slippers or wellies at all this year and I miss my shoes. I can’t even wear any trainers as everywhere I go is just covered in mud. I’m so unbelievably sick of mud.

I’m also sick of trying to come up with new and interesting dinners that everyone likes and that don’t take ages to cook. What I long for more than anything is to go to a restaurant and just not have to cook dinner for once. I know you can get takeaways, and we do, but it never tastes quite the same out of cardboard box or tin foil container, plus, and this is the real issue here, it’s the SAME people we have to eat with EVERY night. We don’t go anywhere, we don’t do anything. We literally have nothing to talk about other than the dog and his farts.

But one day, and I keep on saying this to make myself believe it, one day we will socialise again. I will wear real shoes and a nice blouse, I leave my local area and meet people that I don’t live with. By then I will have lost all social skills and will probably just be a grunting bore who literally ONLY talks about dog farts and the different consistencies of mud…


Rachael Clifton aka @bubblyaquarius showing how to do the big collar / tank top combo

If you thought this one was just a passing fad then you thought wrong. I am aware this really isn’t for everyone but the big collar blouse is now in it’s 2nd full year and has fully reached the mainstream. You know when an item has been accepted when it hits the high street. Now you can find a fancy collar at pretty much any shop at any price point. Ganni is still the original, I also really like Laveste for the Spring. Check out Monki and H&M for more budget friendly versions. I’ve totally plagiarised this look from Rachel Clifton @bubblyaquarius because I just love it and it includes my new favourite item of the clothing, the Tank Top. 

1. Ganni Horse Print Large Collar Blouse 
2. New Look Grey V Neck Tank Top 
3. Gucci Logo Cotton Blend Socks 
4. H&M Crease Leg Pleated Trousers 
5. Dr Martens Adrian Snaffle Loafers


If you’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought yourself a pair of dungarees then the lace blouse is the thing to wear under it to stop you looking too Bob The Builder. Prettifying the workwear is the way forward. Add a cardigan for now until the weather turns. I probably should do another cardi blog soon. YOU can’t beat a good cardi can you? We all need one to hand in our ‘home office’. Does anyone actually have a home office? Or are you all like me, still at the kitchen counter perched on the one comfy stool as your bum gets more and more numb as the day goes on. It’s made me realise how good those ugly office chairs really were. I used to have workplace posture assessments, now I’m just jammed up against the oven gloves trying to avoid getting my mouse in the butter dish.

Shout out to Claire at Verno Jewellery who has just launched a new business making beautiful modern jewellery out of vintage Victorian and Art deco pieces at prices that are LOT more affordable than the ones that sell in Liberty. The perfect accompaniment to your lace blouse.

1. Verno Jewellery Vintage Gold and Pearl Swallow Necklace 
2. Gap Relaxed Denim Dungarees
3. & Other Stories Lace Front Cotton Blouse 
4. & Other Stories Cable Knit Cardigan 
5. Veja Extra White V10 Trainers 


The lovely Nicole O'Cran showing you how to style a Gingham Blouse
The lovely Nicole Ocran showing you how to style a Gingham Blouse

I LOVE gingham. It’s a massive weakness of mine. I don’t know why. Maybe it sums up carefree summer school days. I remember at middle school making a gingham top and skirt to wear instead of the standard issue summer uniform. Pretty sure I made it to fall off my 11 year old shoulders so I could show off the strap of the utterly pointless bra I was wearing. I got my first bra from Tammy Girl (didn’t we all?) and there was literally nothing to go in it. There never really was until I had children. Ironically now that I need a bra more than ever, I’ve almost giving up wearing them altogether. I’m a bralet girl these days.

1. Hush Gingham Lucille Blouse 
2. Anine Bing Madeleine Blazer 
3. Cos Relaxed Button Up Chinos 
4. Whistles Bibi Leather Cross Body Bag 
5. Nike Air Force One Trainers 


Natasha @wearandwhere is a big big fan of the blouse. The book she’s reading is probably a self help book for people who buy too many white lace blouses…

Talking of boobies or lack thereof, if you’ve got big jugs then look for a blouse that can unbutton nicely as I know high necks aren’t always your friend. I think most of the ones I’ve found would look just as good undone a bit. In the same way we wear our lace blouse to unbutch dungarees, wear manly loafers with your piecrust to stop you looking too much like a homage to Princess Di. Although to be fair, as we discussed a few weeks back, early Diana is still a fashion icon.

1. Monsoon Aisha High Neck Blouse 
2. Sezane Gold Buckle Leather Belt 
3. Weekday Cassidy Trench Coat 
4. H&M Slim Mom Ankle High Jeans 
5. Dune Brown Leather Lace Up Brogues 


Anna Cascarina @annacascarina showing you just how frills and ruffles don’t have to be overly girly and twee. They can be cool and smart.

At this point I should mention that I have a borderline obsession with pretty much everything Sezane are currently selling. It’s always been a really cool French label but previously I have found it just a little bit dull and geared towards teeny tiny ladies. Something has happened recently and now I just want EVERYTHING. They have more beautiful blouses than should be allowed in one shop. I haven’t made a frill purchase yet, but I’m very keen on this one below but in cream.  I did allow myself to buy this top though. It will be the perfect Spring stripe jumper to go very well with all my jeans.

1. Sezane Marty Cotton Frill Blouse 
2. Mango Accordion Fold Bag 
3. M&S Textured Button Cardigan 
4. Whistles Authentic Flared Jeans 
5. The Outnet Iris & Ink Croc Effect Leather Ankle Boots 

I hope this week goes fast and isn’t too tricky.

K x

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