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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Harry Styles in Style

First up, don’t turn away if you’re not a fan of the mighty Styles. This isn’t a blog about men’s fashion, or a fan page about his beauty, well, OK, it is kind of that a bit, but I have noticed that a lot of Harry’s recent outfits can be interpreted for us all to enjoy wearing. I am taking some artistic license here, but he’s got some of this seasons hottest trend in his sartorial arsenal and I think there’s something here for everyone.

Think of this as a continuation of my rather sporadic Sunday Style Crush series, or Harry Styles, In Style, or Steal His (Harry) Styles, or Style on Styles, or any other list of Style related puns you wish to come up with.

Why do I like him so much?  Well, let me count the ways… He’s obviously hugely handsome in a non threatening way. His last album is my most played of the year. Genuinely love it and absolutely not afraid to tell the world that. Not a guilty secret as I’m not keeping it a secret and I suffer not guilt. I love his crazy dress sense and obviously the Gucci connection isn’t wasted on me either.

Most of my friends (women in their mid 40s) share my borderline obsession. We have dedicated Whatsapp groups where we share our dreams about Harry. I have to say they are usually just that he’s our best friend and companion, no funny business as that seems somehow wrong given his age. I’ve met him twice (albeit very briefly) and can confirm he’s not only handsome but a really lovely, well brought up boy. The best kind. Let’s get on with the lewks…


Way ahead of the curve here, Hazza has been rocking a tank top for a while now, the rest of the fashion world are just starting to catch up. I have to say I never really thought about a Tank Top/Sweater vest/Jerkin/body warmer (delete as necessary) until I started researching this blog. But I bought this Mango one and I’m loving it. Not sure how it would work for my larger breasted ladies, but if, like me, you’re not blessed in that department, give it try. I’ll be wearing mine with a puff sleeve white blouse and corduroy trousers.

1. Mango Cable Knit Gilet 
2. La Redoute High Collar Frill Shirt 
3. Arket Cropped Wool Trousers 
4. Etsy Houndstooth Tank Top 
5. Clarks Hero Leather Flatform Brogues 


I think you all know by now that I am a cardigan fan. Perfect for those working from home days (which for a lot of us is everyday) when you can sling it on when the heating goes off. hands up who still hasn’t changed the timer to be on all day instead just before 10am and after 3pm. Or is that me being a cheapskate?

The cardi that Harry is wearing in the photon the left above was a JW Anderson one. They very kindly published the pattern for it for any avid knitters out there. You can download it here. It’s way beyond my abilities. I spent over 2 hours just winding my wool in to balls as I wasn’t aware you should knit from a ‘hank’ of wool. Lesson learnt.

1. Hayley Menzies Leopardess Cardigan 
2. Karen by Simonsen Cattie Cardigan 
3. Topshop Mixed Spot Knitted Cardigan
4. Topshop Mid Blue Editor Jeans
5. Gucci Embroidered Leather Mid Pump Heels 


If I had a pound for everyone who sent me these 2 photos over the past few months, I’d probably be a millionaire, or I’d have 9 pounds, but you get the picture. Yes, these outfits do look like Harry had to borrow his nans wardrobe because he had an accident on the way over to her house, BUT I would totes wear them, and that’s kind of what this blog is about. A lovely frill collar blouse with a toasty knit and a baggy trouser? Yes please, that’s totally up my Strasse. Pearls optional.

1. Genevieve Sweeney Brushed Wool Sweater 
2. A B Davies Fresh Water Pearl Necklace 
3. Monki Big Collar Blouse 
4. John Lewis Kin Balloon Trousers 
5. Maje Fifi Leather Mary Janes 


Proving you can be casual Harry as well as blouse and pearls Harry, I give you the off duty look. I like that he still elevates it with a Gucci handbag. A ladies handbag at that, not those silly man-bags that footballers carry.  I feel a bit sorry for my handbags, and my tote bags, in fact all of my bags apart from my ‘Bags for Life’, as they are the only ones that get used these days.

Is it shallow that (yet another reason) I want life back to normal is so I can swing around town with a fancy handbag again? Although I have to admit I do take the baby Chanel to Tescos just to give her an outing.

1. Mango Shirt Knit Sweater 
2. All Saints Luella Check Jacket 
3. Gucci Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag 
4. French Connection Jumbo Cord Trousers 
5. Novesta Star Master Trainers 


This one really is artistic license as I’m not sure Harry, even with his trademark flamboyance has gone done the dress route yet, but this is an excuse to show you some lovely floral dresses. I do think if Harry was to wear a dress it would be one in the Little House on The Prairie / Little Women style, just like the ones O Pioneers do so well. To go the full Laura Ingalls/March sisters look, add some modern day hobnail boots. I feel like a cape would also work well here…

*update, the new issue of  US Vogue puts Harry in a dress. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’m definitely rushing out to buy it as soon as I can.

1. O Pioneers Dolly Mixture Dress 
2. Mango Flower Print Dress 
3. Whistles Dahlia Lace Up Boots 
4. Dune Lace Up Boots


Finally, I had to add this photo, just because I love it and it gives me an excuse to show you some wonderful rings. I want them ALL.  Liberty currently have a fantastic selection of jewellery. They always source the best and most unique things around. I am really looking forward to going back to look at them in real life. Also be sure to check out other small makers, my favourites being Louise Wade, Love Scarlet, Kirstie Le Marque and Frenzy by Zara. Etsy is always a great place to look for small and unique brands too.

1. Love Scarlet Gold Vermeil Skull Ring 
2. Ferian Gold Wedgwood Cupid RIng 
3. Liberty Gold Lapis SIgnet Ring 
4. JonJon Jewel Customised Letter Ring 
5. Liberty London Gold and Diamond Initial Ring 
6. Louise Wade Gold Swallow Signet Ring 

That’s it for this week, I hope you liked it. this one was a joy to research. Next week I think I might do winter dresses, in the hope we shall be let out of lockdown again soon. Watch out for more gift guides too. I’ve already done Beauty and Home, planning ‘For him’, ‘For me’ and maybe a few for Teens too.

K x

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