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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

End Of Summer Classics

I’m back from the excitement of New York, so expect Instagram photos to revert to the usual, ‘here’s me in the back garden again’ soon. We are happy to be home, I’d like to say the cats were pleased to see us, but you just can’t tell. One of them has already pissed in the suitcase, so I assume that means love of some kind. One of the nicer things about coming home is being able to wear the whole of your wardrobe again. Shallow, I know, but it’s something I look forward to after living with only a small selection of clothes for the past few weeks. That got me to thinking about some classics that that work for the end of summer. I know, it feels like it only just begun, but I kind of like the end of summer. It means we can look forward to a new coat, some fancy socks and maybe even a new sweater. It’s the start of the season as far as real fashion is concerned.

I’ll do more new season posts once all the fresh stock is in the shops, but I thought this week I would do a few stone-cold classics that work now and will also work for the coming months. But to be honest, this post was just me having a quick browse online and finding the things I like. It’s a pretty loose connection to a theme. I basically just want all these outfits. Let’s start with something you all should really have in your wardrobes. If you don’t, then you seriously need to get one…

The Classic Trench Coat

In years gone by I always read about the Trench Coat being an item every woman should own, but I never really got to grips with it. Maybe I just never found the right one. Last year I did find the right one. At M&S. Now I am a true convert. The one I have was from the Alexa Chung Collection, but they have a new one in right now that comes a close second. I love this outfit, it’s perfect for a rainy day that’s still reasonably warm. Can you believe these boots are also from M&S? I know! They look like designer.

summer classics Trench Coat

1. Top Shop Checked Flute Sleeve Top
2. M&S Cotton Blend Trench Coat
3. Top Shop Boutique Crop Wide Leg Jeans
4. M&S Leather Chelsea Boots 

The Classic Denim Skirt

I do love a denim skirt and I’m not afraid of a double denim look, in fact I embrace it. I saw a family at the airport the other day who were all in triple denim. All 4 of them. That was maybe one step too far, but I kind of admired their family ethic. A.P.C. do really classic styles. Maybe a little pricier than the high-street but I can guarantee whatever you buy from them will not date. Here’s their classic denim skirt paired with a blazer and fresh white trainers.

summer classics Denim Skirt

1. Madewell Classic Denim Shirt
2. New Look Check Blazer
3. A.P.C Denim Mini Skirt
4. Hush Homewear Leather Handbag
5. M&S White Trainers
6. Converse All Star Hi-Tops 

The Classic Blue Shirt

Boden again for the shirts, I’ve written about this before, but their shirts just don’t date. It’s a classic style that will last. Another Trench Coat here too, this one is the same great colour as the one I have. How cool are the Whistles shoes too? You know I love a brogue. Whistles seem to be having a moment again for this season, they went off the boil a bit for me in recent years, but seem to have got themselves back on track now.

summer classics Boden Blue shirt

1. Boden Classic Blue Shirt
2. Whistles Leopard Print Bag
3. Top Shop Tie Waist Trench Coat
4. Whistles High Waist Jeans
5. Whistles Espadrille Wedge Brogues 

The Classic White Jeans

Ok, so these ones are not exactly a classic style, but it’s so hard to find white jeans that are not your Liz Hurley skinny style. Those ones suit no-one above a size 10, those of us with more meat on our legs need a less fitted version. Luckily The Outnet has just had a new drop from rag & bone (who make THE BEST jeans). It includes these straight legged cropped white jeans. So I have ordered them, you know, just in the name of research. Also discovered a new jewellery company this week, Tilly Sveaas. She has some great rock chick style pieces at decent prices. Right up my street. Oh, and the UK Vans site now has my Red Checkerboard vans in stock. They also have the slip-ons in red and blue. I’m using all my will power not to buy another pair!

summer classics white jeans

1. The Outnet rag & bone Wool Sweater
2. The Outnet DVF Nubuck Handbag
3. Tilly Sveaas Chunky Gold Bracelet
4. The Outnet rag & bone straight leg crop jeans
5. Vans Classic Checkerboard slip ons

The Classic Evening Outfit with a Twist

Ok, this is also not really a classic style, but I saw these trousers in a J Crew over in New York, I would have bought on the spot had I known they did a matching top. For some reason they didn’t have the top in the store. I would love to wear this outfit for a fancy evening out. However I rarely go on any fancy evenings out, but I might if I had this in wardrobe. The top would also look great with jeans (I hear the ‘nice top and jeans’ look for a night out is now the done thing again, must note that down for a future blog post). Personally I’d wear this one with flats, but I’ve added some high heels here, again from Boden, who surprisingly do a great range of not-too-high, yet not-too-mumsy heels. Can you tell I just had the catalogue come through the door?

j crew silk pyjama suit

1. J Crew Printed Silk Shirt 
2. Top Shop Pink Suit Jacket
3. Boden Pink Suede Carrie Court Shoes
4. J Crew Printed Silk Trousers
5. Gucci Leather Horsebit Loafer 

I shall now return to my overwhelming piles of washing. 4 people, away for 17 days without a washing machine. You can only imagine the mountain I have to get through, and the stench of almost a months worth of boys under-crackers…

K x

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