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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Dress You Up

So last week I did jumpsuits, this week it’s dresses. Basically the same thing, except one allows you to do cartwheels (if you can still do a cartwheel then I salute you). I have a wavering love for dresses, sometimes I can’t get enough, other times I feel just too girly. Sometimes it’s good to feel girly though. It’s also good when the weather turns and it’s OK to wear a dress without tights. I always think dresses look better without tights but I cannot stand being cold, so it has to be the right temperature for me to make the leap.

Last year though, I did discover a trick that I cannot believe I never thought of before. Short leggings under your dress! I bought a cheap pair from M&S and chopped a bit of the bottom so they didn’t show under my midi dress. Job done, kept me warm, still only had to fake tan the lower half of my legs, dress looked good. A revelation!

I’m currently thinking of a new dress purchase that will see me through spring and into summer. So I’ve had a little look around and come up with some potential options. Personally I don’t want anything too fancy, just something that could take you from day to night maybe? I don’t favour a sleeveless either, but selflessly I have thrown a few in here for those of you without old 90’s shoulder tattoos you need to hide. I’ve also helpfully grouped my finds into price points, I know, so kind!. Let’s start with the most affordable end of the market…


DRESSES £50 — £100

My first shop of choice for dresses in this price bracket is almost always & Other Stories. Always great quality and something for everyone. As mentioned in the High Street Guide, I would size up as they sometimes come up a bit small. Somewhere I’ve never really considered for dresses is Next, but seeing Pascale (aka Style Mum) look so amazing in that red one may have just changed my mind.

DRESSES £100 — £200

The upper end of the high street and the lower end of designer. Always check The Outnet for some great designer discounted bargains. I’ve finally got around to checking out All Saints, there are some great black dresses. Not sure I would wear them with Cowboy Boots as they’ve styled on their website, but each to their own!

DRESSES £200 — £500

Blow the budget for something really special. Something that will give you a chance of not turning up to an event wearing the same dress as 3 other people. Unfortunately £500 won’t even cover the Preen By Thornton Bregazzi dresses that I truly covet, but again, big up The Outnet for having last seasons pieces at less than half price!

Hope there was something in there to inspire you to get into a dress. What style of dress do you favour? Mine is almost always the midi dress. Ideally a cool floral print one worn with trainers.

K x

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