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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


This week I’m giving the people what they want, sorry it took a while to get around the dresses again. It’s always my number 1 most asked for topic, with jeans running in a close 2nd. I’ve not bought many jeans lately, I still stand by my 5 best High Street ones from earlier this year, so check that out if you’re in the market for a pair. I think they are all still available and you might find some on sale this weekend.

But onto dresses, it seems your appetite for a nice frock has not been dampened this year despite not being able to go out much. Or at all. I do really miss wearing dresses. I miss having a place to wear them too. I miss a lot. This week really got to me in that sense. Even though there was good news about vaccines and Christmas, it all still feels a long way off. I don’t think the fact it’s now dark by 4pm helps anyone’s mood either. I know I’ve not been alone in wallowing in my own misery. Most people I spoke to felt the same way. But I did rally towards the end of the week, so not all bad.

Maybe this coming week to cheer myself up a bit, I will wear a dress every day. Lord knows, I’ve got enough in my wardrobe to keep me going for at least a month AND I bought 2 more recently, more on those later. For this post I have stuck to dresses you can wear anytime. Maybe I will do Christmas style dresses next month, because even though there will be no parties or big booze ups this year, I’m still in the ‘dress up on Christmas day’ camp. No all day PJs over here thank you very much.


Images via Pinterest

I do love a good floral dress. Some people shy away from them in the fear that a floral print will make them look ‘Mumsy’, but fear not, it’s all in the styling. I proclaim you can wear any dress and make it look modern if you add the right accessories. basically what I’m saying is wear boots or trainers.

Step away from the court shoe and leave the loafers alone. If you’re not ready for a real chunky boot, then may I suggest a pair of Chelsea boots. These Dr. Martens Kensington Flora boots go with literally everything, plus they don’t need as much breaking in as the regular DMs. This Jigsaw coat is also a winner, I have it in brown and it’s the softest, most luxurious feeling coat I own. 

1. M&S Per Una High Neck Midi Dress 
2. Cashmere Wrist Warmers ( extra 10% of BF deal with code WMM10)
3. Dr Martens Kensington Flora Black Chelsea Boots (30% off with code CG30)
4. Jigsaw Maxi City Coat 


Images via Pinterest

I never really got on with sweater dresses before, mainly as when I was working in an office I could never regulate temperatures. it would be cold on the walk to the tube, then like a furnace on the Central line. If you sat under the wrong air con vent in the office it would be freezing and guaranteed I’d get a hot flush at around 4pm. So a sweater dress wouldn’t work as you can’t shed layers. These days, being at home, I can just turn the heating up or down to my heart’s content, plus I guess if I got too hot in my wooly dress I could just take my tights off. You couldn’t do that in the open plan environs. WFH has its perks.

Little shout out to my friends at Kirstie Le Marque and Connock London (who make the best jewellery and smellies respectively). This Christmas they have joined forces to create a limited edition Necklace/Perfume combo and it’s gorgeous. if you’ve got generous friends or relatives, put in on your Christmas list.

1. Arket Knot Detail Knitted Wool Dress 
2. Kirstie Le Marque Diamond Enamel Necklace 
3. Nino Checked Faux Fur Coat 
4. Shoebiz Naella Studded Boots 


L‑R. Justine Tabak, Seraphina, Kemi Telford. All small brands I love.

I’m always excited when I find new and unique small brand dresses. This month I discovered two new ones to add to my ever expanding list. The People Shop and Staple.

The People Shop were originally a shop in Birmingham but have now moved online. they sell own brand clothes and a selection of gifts and homeware. Staple are a ‘no waste’ clothing brand based in Margate. They make most items to order and use any leftover fabric to make bucket hats. I have one of those too. You know I love a bucket hat. These two dresses are the perfect buffet/house dress style. Wear with your cashmere socks and you fleecy lined slippers. I know that’s what I’ll be doing all winter.

1. The People Shop Portland Gathered Dress 
2. Staple Double Layer Floral Dress 
3. Birkenstock Boston Shearling Slippers 
4. Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Sandals 
5. M&S Autograph Pure Cashmere Socks 
6. The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks


Images via Pinterest

There are always certina things that I am drawn to, I’ve mentioned this before. Apparently it’s Capricorn trait. When I find something I like, I repeat buy. I’ve also been know to buy an extra item of something I really like (Whistles jeans, Cos Cashmere jumpers, Kemi Telford Dresses) just in case I ruin the one I already have and then they sell out. It’s a bit like buying multiple lipsticks in the shade you like in case it gets discontinued. I do that too, Trish McEvoy plum and Beauty Pie All Day Long, since you asked.

Same goes for check dresses. I’m strangely drawn to them. Maybe it’s throwback to have read too many Enid Blyton Malory Towers books as a child and imagining myself at a posh boarding school wearing checked dresses, rather than the standard issue white polyester shirt and grey skirt at the Comprehensive School I went to. I guess the Twins at Malory Towers didn’t have Bros as ex pupils though…

1. Mango Cable Knit Cardigan 
2. Cashmere Ribbed Beanie (extra 10% off with code WMM)
3. Kin Navy Utility Cocoon Coat 
4. Toast Kato Ikat Check Dress 
5. Grenson Vegan Nanette Boots (30% off with code CG30)


Images via Pinterest

Finally, onto shirt dresses, and some short shirt dresses at that. Still very much Ok for ladies of certain age though. I’m not talking pelmet length here. We’re back to school days again with that. It was either roll it up to a highly inappropriate length, or make your own skirt out of the standard issue one. I took mine in as well as up so I could barely walk in it, let alone sit down. We also used to wear our school ties really really short with the long part tucked into out shirt. What was that all about?

Anyway, love these shirt dresses. if you’re looking for tights, and you’ll need some for these short numbers, may I suggest a pair by Falke. They are more expensive than M&S, but they don’t sag, ladder or go baggy at the knee. I have some from there that are almost as old as my children and still going strong.

1. Marques Almeida Check Shirt Dress 
2. Arket Double Breasted Wool Coat 
3. Cos Pleated Shirt Dress 
4. & Other Stories Platform Sole Chelsea Boots 

At this point I have no idea what next week’s topic will be. I’ve got a few more gift guides to do. Maybe I’ll do winter boots or coats or maybe even some more knitwear. I do love a good bit of knitwear.

K x

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