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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Corduroy Queen

Corduroy. I’ve been writing this blog for just over 4 years now and I think I’ve covered corduroy at this time every year. Not everyone will be on board with this but I bloody love corduroy. It’s one of those things like navy trousers, grey cashmere jumpers, jeans and buffet dresses that I have a serious problem with re-buying. It’s like every Autumn I completely forget that I already have a wardrobe full of the stuff and insist on getting more. But, a girl’s got to have options.

It’s just that I find corduroy so comforting and in these times we all need to cling onto those things that make us feel good. I don’t know about you but this week has been hard. Circuit breakers, lockdowns, traffic light systems, rising alert levels. It makes me almost yearn for those early days in April when we thought this would all be over in a few months. How we laugh at our own naivety now. But I shall buck my ideas up this week, l am VERY fortunate to have a house, a family, some (mostly incontinent) pets AND, most importantly, I have just discovered that Ocado do a delivery service in my local area that can get me cake and custard creams direct to my door in under 2 hours. Every cloud…

But seeing as literally any socialising we will be doing over the next few months is likely to be outside in the cold, then we really do need to look to some lovely warm corduroy to get us through this interminable year.


I call this one Granddad chic, or Country Casuals, or the elderly lady in a Jilly Cooper novel. Maybe Rupert Campbell-Blacks mother in law rather than his latest lover. But all with a stylish edge obviously. I love Jilly Cooper, the novels have gone off the boil of late, she’ll never better ‘Riders’, but as a person I love her poshness. If you get a chance, listen to her Desert Island Discs episode. She is a hoot. I’ve recently fallen down a D.I.D rabbit hole as I’ve discovered that they are ALL available on the BBC Sounds podcast app. A perfect aural accompaniment to inspecting the perimeter of ones country estate while wearing this get up…

1. Brora Wool Fairisle Cardigan 
2. & Other Stories Embroidered Collar Blouse 
3. Mango Double Breasted Check Coat 
4. Mango Corduroy Slouchy Trousers 
5. See By Chloe Shearling Ankle Boots 


It’s no secret that despite the ridicule of my children and my husband I still favour a pair of dungarees. Life lesson 2.0: Do not ever listen to scoffs of derision from family members. Especially family members who haven’t had a proper haircut since January and wear odd Crocs, like really this is a new low, if he can’t find a matching pair, he will just wear the closest ones to him. Yes, my husband owns MORE than one pair of Crocs and he thinks his ridiculous hair makes him look like David Lynch, when in reality he’s more David Bellamy. If he thinks anyone is ‘gwappling his gwape nuts’ anytime soon then he is very much mistaken. So in short, I shall be wearing corduroy dungarees to my heart’s content.

1. Wyse London Corduroy Scallop Edge Dungarees 
2. New Look Check Frill Collar Blouse 
3. Monki Long Quilted Coat 
4. Nike Blazer 77 Trainers


A lovely warm needlecord shirt over a thermal vest and under a chunky knit, with a great overcoat thrown in for good measure. That’s my idea of a toasty winter walk to the pub garden. Assuming by the time I publish this we can still sit in the pub garden. We are so lucky as our local pub had a massive garden makeover during lockdown. It’s almost all undercover and they do a decent roast dinner too.  I did see a lady last Sunday who brought her own cushion to sit on. I think next time I will do that same and add a blanket and hot water bottle for good measure.

1. The Outnet Ganni Needlecord Frill Shirt
2. Free People Cord Bow Scrunchie 
3. New Look Long Camel Coat 
4. Mango Regina Slouchy Jeans 
5. Scotch & Soda Chunky Suede Mesh Trainers 


Oh how I love a cropped wide leg trouser, and if it’s made from comfy cord, then even better. I have 2 pairs from Cos from 2 years ago, but this pair from M&S look like a good alternative for this winter. I was asked to do a full blog on fairisle by one of my lovely readers, but I struggled to find enough variety for a whole post. Note to UK retailers, the women of this country demand a better choice of patterned knitwear. If you see any, let me know, they are also a big favourite of mine. I will check Ebay and Etsy as they often have some good vintage hand knits. I’ve recently got back into buying on Ebay again. It can be hit and miss but there are some bargains to be had if you are willing to be patient. I may do more on that in the coming weeks.

1. The Outnet Sandro Fairisle Jumper
2. Carloe London Edie Box Bag 
3. Scotch & Soda Wool Blend Double Breasted Coat
4. M&S Wide Leg Crop Navy Cord Trousers 
5. Anthropologie Georgina Leather Ankle Boots 


Can you wear a cord hat, cord trousers AND cord shoes? Some would say no way, I would say, go for it. In the words of the late, great Luther Vandross, ‘never too much, never too much’. Because I have a massive head, I have to go for hats from the men’s departments, but this is actually a bonus a lot of the time as they have a better choice. I recently purchased this cord bucket hat in navy to add to my bucket hat collection, I have the grand total of 2 now, one for rainy days and one for colder days.

I feel that will cover all bases now that Thomas Frank the Dog can FINALLY go out for walk. Good job, as he’s too heavy to carry now. I fear he will grow to be the size of small horse. Still, at least I could take him to the local school fete next summer and charge tiny children a princely sum to trot around the field on him.

1. Mango Open Neck Chunky Knit Sweater 
2. Arket Corduroy Bucket Hat 
3. Wild Swans  Levet Room Kea Check Jacket 
4. American Vintage Brown Jumbo Cord Trousers 
5. Quattrorish Novesta Brown Cord Hi Tops 


Lastly a little bit of frivolity. Do we need a corduroy party dress? No, of course we don’t there are NO PARTIES, but as I’ve mentioned before that doesn’t seem to stop us wanting to wear a nice frock. I will swap the high heels for hobnail boots and wear my Little House on the Prairie Corduroy dresses to the pub garden. Let’s face it it’s the only place to be seen around here anyway.

1. Story MFG Ruffled Corduroy Dress 
2. Anthropologie Crystal Hair Clips 
3. By Iris Shae Cord Dress 
4. Esska Valerie High Heeled Sandals 

Next week I’m thinking layers. As at least 50% of the UK can now only socialise outdoors we are going to need to work on how to keep warm.

K x

P.S. Shout out to independent brand Tallulah & Hope for making what could be the most useful corduroy dress ever. Zip up, Tie waist, and POCKETS!

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