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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Comfortably Numb

This week I have been inspired by two things, the annual ‘Money-off-the-best-high-street-cashmere-ever’ promotion at Uniqlo - get some (this week while it’s cheaper) I promise, you will not regret, and my 9 year olds refusal to wear anything other than ‘soft clothes’… It’s also about that time of year when many of us turn to comfort dressing. To be fair, any time of year is a good time for cosy clothes, but right now when the central heating is on, the hot water bottles are being dusted down and we don’t need to worry about getting into a bikini anytime soon, is the best time. What we do need is a cosy jumper, some joggers or soft jeans and maybe even a nice thick sock. Clothing should be nonrestrictive when you are spending most of your time at home eating a roast dinner and an individual tiramisu. If I had a working fireplace I would be lighting it about now and sitting on a sheepskin rug staring wistfully into the flames while sipping a Baileys. Unfortunately the woman who owned the house before us decided to knock the chimneys down, so I have to make do with a hole in the wall filled with candles. The cats shat all over the nice rug, so that’s also out, but we will always have the alcohol and there ain’t nobody that can take that away from me…


Let’s start with  a couple of chunky jumpers teamed with boyfriend jeans. My go-to look when all I want is to feel comfy. P.S. La Redoute has a great deal on right now; £25 off when you spend £50, £50 off when you spend £100 and £100 off when you spend £200, so half price basically on EVERYTHING on the site! including the lovely jumper here…


1. La Redoute Cable Knit Jumper — £59.00 (£31 with code!)
2. Mango Textured Wool Blend — £35.99
3. Ganni Brooks wool Roll neck  £246.00
4. Top Shop Lucas Boyfriend Jeans — £42.00
5. & Other Stories Raw Edge Jeans — £55.00
6. Current/Elliot Distressed Boyfriend Jeans — £94.50 (were £210)

And don’t discount the skinny jean for comfort. With enough stretch in them they are as good as leggings. I refuse to do a legging, they are the most unflattering item of clothing known to man. I don’t want the world seeing my full briefs and saggy arse thank-you-very-much. Stick to skinny’s, they hide a multitude of sins and for extra bonus points you can hide your saggy arse if you team them with a long knit. the M&Co and Mango jeans here are helpfully made to help you suck it all in.


1. Boden Margot Jumper — £74.63 (was 99.50)
2. & Other Stories Oversized Knit — £65.00
3. Boden Tessa Jumper — £67.13 (was £89.50)
4. Current/Elliott — Skinny Star Print Jeans - £92.00 (was £230)
5. Mango Skinny Push-up Jeans — £39.99
6. M&Co. Lift and shape Jeans — £29.00

Cashmere! Always have cashmere. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do prefer my cashmere jumpers to be from the mens department. Nice and loose and you get more for your money. You can get cashmere joggers now too, the height of decadence!


1. Boden Mens Cashmere Jumper — £96.75 (was £129)
2. & Other Stories Cashmere sweater — £95.00
3. Uniqlo Mens Cashmere Rollneck — £89.90
4. Marks and Spencer Cashmere joggers — £99.00
5. Wyse London Cashmere Loungers -£195.00
6. Warehouse Cashmere Joggers — £100.00

Finally, sweatshirts and joggers, there’s no shame in slobbing out in the comfort of your own home, but some joggers these days are acceptable to be worn in public. Maybe don’t go for the full on matching top and bottoms. I remember once in the late 1990’s going to Notting Hill Carnival in what was essentially an Adidas shell suit. What was I thinking? I thought I was cool. I was not. Once again I thank the heavens that that the internet was not invented when I was a youth.

joggers21. Mango Contrast Stripe Sweatshirt — £29.99
2. La Redoute Anchor Sweatshirt — £23.40
3. Zoe  Karssen embroidered Sweat — £62.10
4. Hush Harem Joggers — £55.00
5. Mango Side Stripe Joggers -£29.99
6. Etre Cecile Side Stripe Pants — £62.50 (was £125)

Now, someone get me a Baileys…

k x

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