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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Think Pink... Barbie Pink

We went to see the Barbie film at the weekend and this post is wholly and completely influenced by that fact. I thought I didn’t even like pink that much, but Barbie-land made me re-think that stance. Not that I want to buy into any actual Barbie merch, you can keep that, it’s just the overall hue that now appeals. Talking of overalls, the pink jumpsuit was the star of the show. They ALL looked good in it. Is that just movie trickery? Or could we dare to wear?

I also really liked that so many people at the cinema dressed in pink to see the film. Our local Odeon it was awash with ladies AND gentlemen all decked out in fuchsia, blush, neon, baby and bubblegum tones. So to that end, let’s see what I found for you today… P.S. The film is great, go see it.

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