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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Autumn at Uniqlo

This post is sponsored by Uniqlo. I’m always so happy to write those words as Uniqlo is one of my all-time favourite high street shops. It’s long been my go-to for basics. In the summer for those bra vests and simple T‑shirts. In the winter for a great puffer jacket or those excellent pack-away light down vests that I take to the football in case it gets chillier after half time.

At this time of year, it’s all about the knitwear. We might be a tad too early for cashmere, but if you are ready then may I suggest you go for the men’s version of the cashmere jumper. I got this in a medium so it’s nicely oversized.

I’m wearing the long sleeve stripe top, the merino fine knit jumper, the green corduroy bag and the wide leg trousers in long.

One of my top picks from the Uniqlo knitwear selection is the fine knit merino sweater. They’re perfect for right now on their own and then, when it gets colder, they’re the best base layer for any outfit. I’m wearing a medium in the main photo, along with the corduroy shirt/jacket and the wool mini skirt (I got that in a 29).

Also, take this as your reminder (if you haven’t already got one) to think about the ‘Tardis’ bag. It now comes in CORDUROY! Say no more. Here are some more of my selects from Uniqlo this season…

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