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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

Welcome to the new look Wears My Money website. I really hope it all works properly. I’m pretty much a technical Luddite, so it’s taken a while to move the site into the 20s of the 21st century, but I was feeling a bit outdated so we’ve given it a refresh. This should make it easier to find old articles as there’s an actual search button now! Also, I can add more items onto the home page for you and it just looks nicer which, frankly, is the most important thing. I hope you like it.

On to today’s topic: denim midi skirts are definitely having a moment right now. Of course you don’t have to buy in to every trend that comes along, but if it involves denim, then chances are I will be on board, and a simple denim skirt is a really easy way to update your spring look. Here are some ideas on how to wear yours…


Ok, this is a sweeping generalisation, BUT this was, and I assume still is, one of the classic mum uniforms at school pick-up: all I’ve done is swap out the jeans for a denim skirt and add an expensive handbag to lust after. Those days of school runs are long gone for me now, but I can still remember them very well. I was in the ‘drop and run’ camp, but the tribes were all there, the ‘gym mums’, the ‘gossip mums’, the ‘can-you-do-the-bake-sale-next-week PTA mums’ and the ‘mums who are still in their pyjamas yet chastising their offspring for not being organised enough to get dressed on time’. I still love this classic look and yes, that NRBY cardigan really is such a great colour.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. Arket long sleeve stripe top 
  2. Loewe small leather puzzle bag 
  3. NRBY Mischa alpaca wool blend cardigan
  4. Aligne Greta denim midi skirt 
  5. Saucony Jazz Court white trainers 


Because as we mentioned last week, it IS still ok to wear black when you are a lady of a certain age. No it WON’T make you look like a Greek widow. You could add 40 deniers to this one if it’s not warm enough for a bare leg. I rate these tights from H&M very highly. Not usually a place you’d think to head to when it comes to pantyhose, but they do great body shaping tights. On another note,  I’ve recently discovered this Manchester-based brand BODA SKINS that does REALLY good timeless leather jackets.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. Tallulah & Hope short sleeve embroidered blouse 
  2. No Name black square frame sunglasses 
  3. Boda/Skins black wool and leather varsity jacket 
  4. M&S leather weave belt 
  5. Stradivarius black denim midi skirt 
  6. Gucci Brixton soft leather loafers 


High-neck blouse? Platform sandals? Denim midi skirt? Trench coat? Is it 1976? No it isn’t. If it was we’d be able to feed a family of four for £4.60 a week and smoke at the cinema. But we can recreate a little bit of 70s style with this look. I’m kind of into it. I imagine strutting down the King’s Road in the sunshine, with my hair blowing in the wind. In reality I would have to get an Uber to that imaginary brunch as I still can’t walk very far in heels. Although to be fair, these Esska platforms are actually quite easy to walk in. The heel height is manageable and the platform evens out the pressure.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. & Other Stories ruffled Mulberry silk blouse 
  2. Hush Iona belted trench coat 
  3. Melie Bianco Drew metallic woven bag
  4. Mango light denim midi skirt 
  5. Esska vegan Charlie block heel sandals 


I saw a jumper in the window of Benetton last weekend that literally stopped me in my tracks and made me go into the shop. I can’t actually remember the last time I even saw a Benetton shop, let alone went into one. I have fond memories of it, though. There used to be one in Camberley, where I grew up, and it was the height of European sophistication for us teenagers who would usually only shop in Tammy Girl or Clockhouse at C&A. As a special treat for getting my braces taken off when I was 16, my mum took me to the tiny, colourful Benetton shop to buy something. I chose a black and white spotty shirt. I was so happy with it and the green plastic drawstring bag it came in. Maybe that’s why I still have a penchant for a polka dot.

Reminiscences aside, there were lots of great things in Benetton last week – it’s having a bit of a resurgence. This jumper is actually a men’s one, but that’s ok. They also do it apples and cherries.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. Benetton red pear pendant hoop earrings 
  2. Mulberry Belgrave cross body messenger box bag 
  3. COS clean cut white t shirt 
  4. Benetton cotton red pear sweater 
  5. Reformation Jayde high rise denim midi skirt 
  6. New Balance CT300v3 trainers 


We’ve definitely got a few more weeks, if not months, of wearing boots, but make them a lighter-coloured suede pair to get into the spring mood. I feel this is also a bit 70s with the classic denim button-front skirt, tan leather handbag and checked blazer. This is the kind of 70s throwback I’m personally into, more so than the flowy kaftan, tassels-style 70s look. But I am watching ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ on Amazon Prime right now, so there’s a good chance I’m going to want to look like Stevie Nicks in a few weeks. I’m so easily influenced.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. Isabel Marant logo t shirt 
  2. M hulot Alex leather cross body bag 
  3. Jigsaw Clarence puppytooth check jacket 
  4. Boden straight denim button up midi skirt 
  5. Isabel Marant Deone camel suede boots 


Saying that, this M&S denim skirt is actually dark indigo, not black, but I think it would look great with black and white accompaniments. This whole look is from the high street but I definitely think it could pass for designer.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. H&M Paris printed t shirt 
  2. Mango braided leather bag 
  3. River Island black double breasted blazer 
  4. M&S Indigo denim midaxi skirt 
  5. Nike SB Pogo trainers 


Bonus blouse episode, just because I really like this one from Mango and it’s the perfect shade for pairing with denim. It also looks very much like one I have from Sézane but this is half the price. I’m always on the lookout for a bonus bargain blouse. There’s something about a ruffle that I can’t resist.

7 ways to wear your denim midi skirt

  1. Mango ruffle embroidered blouse 
  2. Envy gold T bar bracelet with charms 
  3. Uniqlo woven leather belt 
  4. YXQSED woven round straw bag 
  5. Uniqlo narrow denim midi skirt 
  6. La Redoute gold square toe ballet flats 

While you’re here, have a snoop around the site and see what else you can find. Let me know what you think, but really, only if it’s nice. I can’t cope with negativity this week.

K x

P.S. I finally got on board the Vinted train this weekend. If my teens can manage to sell their stuff then so can I. My profile is here.

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