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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

6 outfits to wear right now

I’m dispensing with a theme this week and have just gone for six outfits to wear right now. I’ve been taken with some excellent knitwear, but in reality it’s been almost too warm for sweaters this past week. Even in the far north. We’ve been on a half-term break in Northumberland* again and I packed for the bleak midwinter (as that’s what the weather was generally like when we came in August over the past two years!) but no, it’s been positively balmy. No need to light the fire, and I’m writing this wearing a T‑shirt when I had expected to be sporting a chunky knit. But I’m not complaining. I would always rather be too hot than too cold. And with the hot flushes I get on a regular basis, it’s lucky I feel that way.

Undoubtedly, knitwear season isn’t far away and we will be glad of the warmth a good sweater will bring when those days arrive. Here’s some outfit inspiration for you this week…


I saw this cute dinosaur cardigan on Instagram a few weeks ago and I just love it. It’s from a tiny brand called Suermondt knitwear and is made from recycled cashmere. It would work perfectly with the Albaray Borg coat that I saw at their press day last month. It’s SO SOFT in real life that I couldn’t stop stroking it. Admittedly, a white fluffy coat isn’t the most practical of items but since when has fashion needed to be wholly practical? Saying that, these Mabel Sheppard gloves are both practical and frivolous with their little side eyes.

1. Albaray borg cream collarless coat 

2.Suermondt knitwear recycled cashmere Dinosaur cardigan 

3. Jigsaw contrast stripe tailored jeans 

4. Mabel Sheppard leather Eyes gloves 

5. Nike blazer mid 77 recycled material trainers 


You may have noticed I don’t often feature skirts. That’s mainly because I don’t often wear them. Bar a corduroy mini skirt and a leather midi skirt, I don’t even own that many. I’m not sure what my aversion is. Perhaps it’s because it’s just easier to wear a dress, or that my waist is my problem area, so I find styling skirts a bit tricky. That said, I’m very taken with the comeback of the 90s satin skirt trend. I might try it out with an oversized polo neck jumper and boots this season. I do like the idea of this smart/casual outfit that would be cosy yet chic at the same time.

1. Cos pure cashmere turtleneck sweater 

2. & Other Stories leather cross body bag 

3. Mango speckled wool mix coat 

4. Whistles satin bias cut skirt 

5. Hush Hesper suede slouch boots 


Ugg boots?! I hear you cry. Yes, they are back. Did they ever go away? Well no, but I certainly haven’t worn any for a good few years so let’s call it a comeback. The ultra mini version is what’s driving this trend, but I also like the mini ones too. Pretty much every high street shop is doing a version of these this year. However, beware of really cheap ones that give no ankle support and the heels collapse – they’ll be no good for you in the long run. And we’re not wearing them with floral tea dresses anymore either. That look is best left in 2002. This time, let’s go for a cream cable knit and a green quilted jacket.

1. M&S Per Una quilted collared jacket 

2. Matalan navy and cream check scarf 

3. River Island mid rise slim fit jeans

4. Aligne chunky oversized cable knit jumper

5. Ugg classic ultra mini sheepskin boots 


I know, we looked at SO many dresses last week, but what’s the harm in a few more? I got a complaint last week that all the dresses were ‘like something out of Little House on the Prairie’. I concur. But in my book that’s NOT a bad thing. I love that whole ‘living life on the range, with only a book and cow for company’ look. So sue me. It’s my blog and I shall feature the things I like best.  Here’s another one from Minkie Studio for Percy Langley to add to your ‘home, home on the range’ collection.

1. Percy Langley Minki Studio Annabelle cord dress 

2. Coggles Little Liffner textured leather tote bag 

3. Aligne George slouch wrap coat 

4. Jigsaw Tally leather knee high boots 


Another trend that’s on its way back is the oversized baggy jeans. I don’t think we need to go the full ‘Joe Bloggs at Spike Island’ hog in our bagginess but a loose, mid-rise pair is more than acceptable. These from Hush look like they strike the right balance. I asked my teenagers if, at nearly 50, I can still get away with wearing things I wore in the 90s. They flat out said no. But since when did I listen to them? I would pair the jeans with this oversized wool knit jumper by Slow Love, who are another tiny knitwear brand I discovered via the medium of Instagram.

1. M&S round neck long sleeve top 

2. Uniqlo 100% cashmere beanie hat 

3. Slow Love oversized knit wool jumper 

4. Hush Remy straight slouchy jeans 

5. Veja x Marni printed leather trainers 

6. Black & Beech ‘Feminist’ fingerless mittens 


Another 90s trend for you. But for me, this one never really went away. I love a smart pair of trousers, blazer and trainers. Always have. Always will. And yes, I would match my bag to my shoes.

1. & Other Stories stripe knit sweater 

2. Honey & Toast half moon leather bag 

3. Arket oversized wool blend blazer 

4. Cos wide leg wool tailored trousers 

5. Nike Air Jordan 1 trainers 

I might try working on that ‘French girl chic’ look I’ve always wanted to perfect for next week. We shall see.

K x

* If you do fancy a trip to Northumberland (and frankly why wouldn’t you as it’s heaven on earth), I can highly recommend staying with Stablewood Coastal Cottages. This was our third time staying with them. The cottages are spotless, they are VERY dog friendly, reasonable prices (plus if Northumberland is easily accessible for you they do excellent off-season deals, which I always get jealous of because we live so far away ) and they’re close to beautiful beaches and plenty of impressive castles.

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