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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

6 casual outfits to wear right now

This week I’ve dispensed with a theme and am just running with 6 casual outfits to wear right now, made up from some things I’ve either been wearing recently or just generally like the look of. Sometimes that’s all we need right?. It’s a little antidote to last week’s smart post.

This week was the BRIT Awards. I don’t know if you saw it. I watched it at home from the comfort of my sofa for the first time in 22 years. Aside from a break when I was on maternity leave, I have ‘done’ the Brits every year. It was always the busiest time when I worked for a record label. My job was to organise performances for the bands I worked for. It still is, but I work for myself and I only do a select few nice ones now. I thought I might miss it but I really, really didn’t. My overwhelming feeling was one of relief.

I did recall times of old though. The most stressful of times. That time Lily Allen’s dancers went on strike and threatened to leave because they weren’t happy with the sandwiches. That same year, we had to source 12 Silver Cross prams (one got stolen, so we only returned 11), 24 pink plastic machine guns, an air raid siren and a glittery rocket (not a euphemism). I don’t recall getting a word of thanks for any of this, in fact she tried to leave the arena wearing MY coat.

I also remembered that time my boss got made redundant the week before the Brits so I had to take over everything at the last minute and at seven months pregnant. Not that Robbie Williams or his team noticed. I was still shouted at and sent out to buy six triple espressos single-handed with barely a word of gratitude. Such is the way of (some) pop stars.

Not that I tar them all with the same brush. I had an absolute whale of a time with the Pet Shop Boys, (nicest men in pop™️) and became best of friends with Brandon Flowers for a full 12 hours. He never called, never wrote…

Not sure where I’m going with this. I guess my point is, don’t look at others and think their lives are all fun and glamour. They often aren’t. Those behind-the-scenes jobs can be stressful, chaotic and at times you could find yourself crying in the toilet because it’s all got too much. These days I live a simpler life. I spent the day of the BRIT Awards sending emails, researching this blog, hoovering the stairs, ferrying teenagers to a non-league football match and making a soft rock playlist for dog walks.

I could, and maybe will one day, write a book on all the music industry exploits I have experienced. But then again I’d probably get sued, so maybe I’ll stick with the blog for now. Let’s see what lovely things I have found this week…


I’m a forever-fan of a jumpsuit. I think a full all-in-one post should be in order soon as there’s a lot of good ones around. Loving the simple frill on this denim number from White Stuff. Wear with your striped top underneath, your trench coat and your hi-tops. I’ve also been asked to do a ‘trainers’ post, so that will be coming up soon as well. Something I can talk about all day long.

1. White Stuff Florence denim boilersuit 
2. M&S Pure cotton stripe top 
3. H&M relaxed fit trenchcoat 
4. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sky Star High Tops  (use code VAL14 for 14% off everything at Black White Denim until midnight on Feb 14th


Popped into Anthropologie the other week. It’s always a very dangerous place for me. I have a cupboard full of monogrammed mugs to prove it. It’s the grown-up version of Urban Outfitters (same company) and I very rarely leave empty-handed. This horse cardigan called to me and, despite the fact I’m scared of horses and I don’t need any more cardis, it came home with me and I love it.

1. Pilcro knitted horse cardigan 
2. Anna and Nina gold plated horse earrings 
3. H&M leopard print small handbag 
4. Hush Boyfriend fit jeans 
5. Converse All Star hi tops 


I do wonder what Diana would look and dress like now. May she wouldn’t wear this outfit, it’s just the bunny sweater that reminded me of her style in the 80s. I imagine if she were still with us, she would be more Bella Freud than Betty Barclay. More Golden Goose than Gabor. More Prada, less Princess.

1. Mango ultralight quilted jacket 
2. Gucci GG embossed belt bag
3. Anorak Kissing Rabbits jumper 
4. Whistles dark denim Hollie button front jeans 
5. Dr Martens high Chelsea boots 


This dress is from Boden, a company I would turn my nose up at 10 years ago, but now I find some real gems there. Either it’s changed or I have. I like to think it’s the former. It’s less Country Casuals/sloane ranger now and more classic woman-around-town. They also make THE BEST swimming costumes. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed. Get the Santorini one. Thank me later. Wear this dress now with an oversized jumper on top and later on its own with a denim jacket and trainers.

1. Boden Connie smocked maxi dress 
2. Uniqlo +J wool blend shirt jacket 
3. Gucci GG Marmont small shoulder bag 
4. D.A.T.E Linea leather trainers 
5. Arket cashmere roll neck jumper 


Really don’t care. It’s ok to still love dungarees at 49. Honestly. There’s a real freedom of mind when you just don’t care what others think of how you dress. If you like it, wear it. Also, how cute are these shoes?

1. H&M Mom fit denim dungarees
2. White Stuff blue crochet cardigan 
3. Sweaty Betty quilted cloud cross body bag 
4. AND/OR Saffiar white cotton ruffle blouse 
5. Mama Benz green satin Mary Jane shoes 


Finally, a little bit of the lounge. Always a fan of Anine Bing sweatshirts for this look. They tend to come up BIG so go down a size if you don’t like things too oversized. Also loving these American Vintage elasticated-waist cords, halfway between joggers and trousers. Perfect at-home gear.

1. Anine Bing Cody vintage wash sweatshirt 
2. Holzweiler peaches t shirt (on sale, extra 10% off with code EXTRA10)
3. M&S longline navy quilted jacket 
4. American Vintage Padow cotton corduroy trousers
5. Nike Court Royale 2 mid trainers 

I had a request for a blog for ‘walking outdoors but then going to the pub for lunch after’. I mean, this is my favourite thing to do so it’s a no-brainer for next week’s edition.

K x

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