Summer Dresses and Sandals

Summer, it’s still here and fingers-crossed it continues until at least the middle of September. We may not be winning at football anymore, but we’ve still got the weather – at least in London, sorry if it’s failing where you are! – I am certainly not bored of the sun yet. There was a day this week where I thought about taking a jacket to work, it was a worrying time I’m not going to lie, but the sun came out in the end and all was right with the world again. It does feel strange that I haven’t actually worn jeans since June 19, and no, I don’t think it’s weird that I know the exact date when I last wore jeans.

What I have been wearing, that now has firmly become my go-to summer uniform, is simply summer dresses and sandals. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff, it’s just easy. When it’s this hot you can’t be bothered to do too much faff in the morning, so let’s go for the easy option…



Ok, so maybe not the best colour for this weather, but a classic and something you really can wear all year around. Add a leather jacket and tights to either of these dresses and you are all set for Autumn. To stop you looking too much like a Greek widow, add some leopard print accessories…

1. J Crew Calf Hair Hobo Bag 
2. Cos Long Cotton Dress With Frill 
3. Cos Contrast Panel Jersey Dress
4. Office Supersonic Leopard Sandals 
5. Solillas Contrast Animal Print Sandals 



This one is my Dorothy Gale look. A cute red gingham dress with a basket, yes I know hers was blue…You can add your own small dog if you like. I’ve even included  some ruby slippers… sort of. I love the shape of this Monsoon dress. At the time of writing it was still available in most sizes in this red and in black  for those of you who maybe feel this one’s a bit too tablecloth. Personally I like to look like a tablecloth so I’ve ordered it!

1. Monsoon Dolly Gingham Midi Dress
2. Next Natural Straw Basket Bag
3. Whistles Priya Cotton Dress 
4. New Look Red Bow Strap Sandals 
5. Park Lane Suede Bow Sapadrille Sliders 



Not thick denim obviously, but more of a denim-a-like version that’s appropriate material for summer dresses. Keep it loose, nothing too tight or you’ll end up channelling Britney Spears circa 2001. Add a few silver or metallic accessories. I’m not usually a silver person, but I think it goes really well with pale blue.

1. New Look Button Up Midi Dress 
2. Mango Metallic Shopper Bag 
3. Mango Denim Shirt Dress 
4. Isabel Marant Metallic Leather Hella Sliders (on sale)
5. Top Shop Snake Print Sandals 



Had to throw this one in just to have an excuse to feature this amazing Ganni Red Leopard print dress. I have been lusting after it since I saw Claudia Winkleman wearing it to the TV Baftas a few months ago. Really want it! I’m not sure when I would wear it as I never really go anywhere ‘dressy’, but just look at it! It’s also made from Cotton so it would be good for now with strappy sandals and throw on some chunky boots and 100 deniers underneath for winter.

1. Ganni Red Leopard Print Cotton Wrap Dress 
2. Blue Vanilla Leopard Print Dip Hem Dress 
3. LK Bennet Leather Ankle Strap Sandals 
4. & Other Stories Suede Strappy Sandals 



I’ve always had love for polka dots, it all stems from a ra-ra skirt I got when I was eight. Oh, how I loved that skirt. I got it from the local market along with a ‘Choose Life’ vest and some fluorescent socks. Those were happier, easier times. Anyway, Polka Dots. I did a whole post on it a few Sundays ago. It never really goes out of style. looks great with Tan Sandals in the summer. I love this Next off the shoulder for the beach and this Baukjen shirt dress for the office.

1. & Other Stories Small Leather Circle Bag 
2. Next Off The Shoulder Dress 
3. Baukjen Annabelle Shirt Dress 
4. Dorothy Perkins Tan Falcon Sandals 
5. Warehouse 2 Strap Leather Sandals


What is your go-to summer uniform when it’s actually hot? I hope the sun is shining down upon you wherever you are today. I have no plans at all as I had based my whole Sunday around England playing in a certain football match. Now I’m not really that bothered!

K x

12 thoughts on “Summer Dresses and Sandals

  1. A tiny point but not all your readers are English, so talking about “we not may be winning….” isn’t accurate for all your followers. I am in the north of Scotland where it rained yesterday too so sporting allegiances and weather often different.

    1. Yes, I get that, but I can only really write from my own point of view during the week. It did rain here on Friday night too, but I’d finished the post by then. I also have readers in Australia where the seasons are completely different! X

  2. Never having really been a ‘dress person’ I have gone completely dress crazy this summer. I work with horses, so my opportunities to wear them as daywear are somewhat limited but I’m taking almost nothing but dresses on holiday with me this year. I go to stay at my parents’ house on the south west gulf coast of Florida and it’s a bit sleepy in the summer where everyone looks like extras from ‘My Name Is Earl’ so I might stick out a bit, but who cares? Ebay has been a gold mine for me this year – I’ve scored strappy silk and button-through dresses from Maje, Madewell and Sezane as well as a couple of cheap gems from New Look and Next (which look like Maje and Sezane). Splurged on Ancient Greek raffia sandals which, along with a couple of old favourites, should be sufficient to see me through the holiday (I’ve sworn to pack only 4 pairs this year…we’ll see how that goes). Now I’m also craving a short denim dress like the girl in the middle picture you’ve linked. I need to stop.

    1. Dresses can be a bit addictive! I have the same problem with packing shoes for holidays. We are going to Canada next
      Month. I’ll try to keep it under 5 pairs as I need to leave room in the case for purchases. The exchange rate is still good there x

  3. Kate, I look forward to your next post as soon as I’ve finished reading the one you’ve just published! I’ve bought something from practically every post…goddamn! I love your themes, your blog layout and your captions on Instagram! My wardrobe (and I) thank you! X

    1. Tbanks Charlotte! That’s so nice to hear! I’m sort of sorry that your wallet takes a bashing, but also happy that I can inspire a purchase! X

  4. Magnetically drawn like a moth to flame to those leopard dresses…..tried the Ganni one on, didn’t love it! Am a short arse though so perhaps that was why. I wish we knew where the dress was from that the girl in the top left photo was from….. it’s amazing!

    1. Sorry I don’t know where it’s from! I think that Ganni dress is quite long. That’s part of the reason I like their stuff as it’s a good length for slightly taller ladies x

  5. At the grand age of 34 and 4 beautiful boys later, i finally love my body and am wearing heat appropriate clothes for the 1st time since i was a child . And i love it! Dresses or shorts with a nice big tee/tank have been my go too this summer.

  6. am new to your fab blog posts … do i confess i came in on the hysteria on THAT m&s dress. now wondering how have i coped without your inspo before?
    love the inspiration you share // your shortlists // + your view points too.
    am eyeing up the mango demin. thanks doll, olivia X

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