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Last week a friend at work asked me to do a post about White Trainers. Seeing as I practically live in them all year round and I’m a total Sneaker Pimp, this is a walk in the park (see what I did there…) I love a box fresh pair of white trainers. I probably have far more pairs than is deemed by society to be reasonable. I have 5 pairs of Adidas Stan Smiths alone FFS, but each pair is just ‘slightly’ different and I have that thing about matching my shoes to my outfit. Plus I go off them when they start to get a bit wrecked. I’m very much like Jay Z in that respect, I think. Probably in a lot of other ways too, apart from being a 43 year old middle class mother of 2. I often think WWJZD?* (and I quite like Beyoncé)image

I guess the best place to start is with the classics. If you don’t own a pair of Stan Smith trainers, then possibly you need to go away and have a little word with yourself. I’m telling you, they can go with EVERYTHING, Jeans, trousers, culottes (obvs), suits (to dress them down) floral dresses (to stop you looking mumsy) , pleated skirts (always), the list is endless. I love them with a bare ankle and a secret sock, but I also welcome a nice jazzy sock when the weather turns. Back in the 1990s I favoured the old Adidas Gazelles and The Superstars, and I’m happy to see them getting their day in the sun again, but my heart belongs to Stan. That love started a few years ago when I saw this photo of Celine designer Phoebe Philo …adidas-stan-smiths-phoebe-philo

She is one of my ultimate style icons so I’ve been hooked on the Adidas Stan Smith since she made them cool again again. Obviously for sake of diversity other brands are available. Here’s my selection of simple ever-classic trainers…

Of course, you might want to be a little bit more adventurous with your sneaker game, check out these ladies in their slightly more luxe beauties…


Here’s my pick of the fancier end of the white trainer market…

Finally, my friend Jo, specifically wanted to see a selection of trainers without laces! Ours is not to reason why, maybe she still struggles with the whole lace tying bunny-ears-round-the-tree-through-the-hole thing that I find almost impossible to explain to my children.imageA quick look around the shops and online threw up a multitude of trainers with velcro straps for lace-shirkers, who knew there was such choice?

If you’d like me to do a post on any particular item, do let me know. Always happy to help you spend money.

K x

*What Would Jay Z Do?

8 thoughts on “Sneaker Pimps

  1. None of your posts disappoint! I agree with you about the white meaning white re trainers. I have tried really hard, but I still just don’t get Golden Goose. Love Gazelles, though. Your gold Guccis might have to go in my NAP basket today.

    1. I know what you mean re:Golden Goose, but even though the thought of buying trainers that look dirty is against everything I stand for, I still feel strangely drawn to them…

    1. There’s just so many! The list of ‘trainers Wot I have worn’ is endless!! Thanks for reading x

  2. I love golden goose, I think they have to be my fave & the most comfiest! The gucci pair are so you Kate! I’m loving the star ash ones too… Always love your blogs, long may they continue.

    1. I know the Gucci are ‘me’ I definitely have a ‘problem’ with Gucci right now! Must. Stop. Buying. Gucci. Shoes. K x

  3. Ha! I’ve just sent you a plea on your blue velvet post, not having seen this one! My whole family keep telling me I need to go away and have a word with myself due to lack of trainer love so am imagining my plea will fall on the deafest of ears! Still love the looks though!

    1. Ha! As I said in the other reply, each to their own. I may not understand you but I still think we can get along! X

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