Seven for Sunday

As I’m currently away in LA with my actual real job and I haven’t had a lot of time to do a ‘proper’ blog post, I thought I would do a quick ‘Seven things I’d like to buy right now’ post to fill the gap. I’m sorry not to do a full blog post with all the nice outfit ideas, but this week I just haven’t had much spare time.

A lot of people do ask me how I find time to work a full-time job, look after 2 kids and do the blog and the Instagram. Truth is, it’s not always easy and sometimes things fall down the cracks. Children sometimes go to school in dirty shirts and I can’t remember the last time I hoovered any surface in our house. Luckily I have an excellent cleaner and a pretty decent husband. Sometimes I wonder who I would miss more if they left… That is joke. The answer is obviously the cleaner…

But seriously,  I love my husband. He takes a lot of shit and never gets cross. It’s a Canadian thing I think.. I also really enjoy my day job (Hello being in LA for work with Michale Bublé, another upstanding Canadian citizen) and I really enjoy writing this blog as it gives me a creative outlet for my love of fashion and shopping. It also gives me an excellent excuse to buy new things. I love the interaction I get on Instagram. I’ve met a load of people since I’ve been doing this that I would never have met  otherwise and if I can continue doing it, then I will for as long as I can.

I obviously do spend a lot of my money on clothes (hence the name) but I also try and operate on a ‘one in, one out’ policy when it come to my wardrobe. I watched the Stacy Dooley programme last week  on the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and I do hope that by selling my clothes on to someone else who can enjoy them that I am in some way not exacerbating the problem. This coming week Preloved Designer Sale will be helping me sell a few things via a flash sale on Instagram. This will both enable me to free-up space in my wardrobe for new things and I will be giving the profits of this sale to Stand Up To Cancer, as that is part o the reason I am in LA this week. Please have a look on Thursday and know that you might get a bargain and also give some money to a very worth cause too.

Now let’s take a look at the seven new things that I would like to fill my wardrobe with…


Is this the one that I finally buy? those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know that I have been fruitlessly searching for the perfect winter Fairisle jumper. Could this be it?


I know, we probably don’t need any more boots, but these have silver toes, are sort of crocodile and they are flat, so practical too. What’s not to like?



Is it really hand-knitted? Did someone’s nana get paid by Topshop to make this jumper? That I cannot tell you, and if Topshop tell me it is hand-knitted, then I am fully prepared to believe them. It’s also a lovely colour. So that helps.


No, I don’t need any more things with bees on, or any more Gucci shoes. But, I still fondle these shoes if I’m ever in a shop that sells them. I last stroked them at the airport last week, but I walked away…



I’m thinking, this blazer with these jeans, a decent pair of boots and a chunky knit would work a treat before it gets too cold. It’s quite ‘Hoo-ray, we’re off the Hunter-Smyths for a jolly nice Sunday roast and lashings of lovely red wine’, don’t you think?


You know how much I love a loose-fitting sack dress. It’s just the perfect thing for days when you don’t want to think to much. And you want to eat a lot. This one from & Other Stories is ideal.


I definitely do not need another winter coat. BUT if I did, I would go for this one from M&S. I cannot stress enough how good M&S are at coats. They do them so well.

Sorry this post has been quite random. Normal service will be resolved next week.

K x


4 thoughts on “Seven for Sunday

  1. As usual, fab post. I shouldn’t be interested in jumpers at the moment as I live in Sydney and the weather should be getting toasty by now, but it has poured with rain for the last 2 weeks so I’m very keen on the H&M fair isle beauty. And the loafers…… And the dress…. And the jacket….

  2. Another great start to my week reading your blog post in bed on Sunday then writing my wish list to daydream at work on a Monday
    …Fair isle jumper of dreams but is it available in the U.K.? If not, can you please buy one for me!! 😁

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