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I am aware it’s Valentines Day next week, but I’ve never been a fan. Not even as a youth. That’s ultimately down to the fact I don’t recall ever getting many cards, apart from the odd one from my Dad or my friends to make me feel good. I’d rather displays of affection happen spontaneously, not on a designated day, but if you are going out this week with, or without a loved one then maybe throwing a bit of Pink into the mix is some concession to the self-proclaimed day of love.

I should add at this point that Pretty In Pink is one of my all-time favourite films. All my all-time favourite films are basically 80’s teen comedy dramas written mainly by John Hughes, Ferris Buellers Days Off, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmos Fire, Say Anything, you get the idea. Maybe they were just excellent, or maybe they just remind me of my lost youth. I thought Molly Ringwald was the coolest girl in the world, but can we please discuss the dress she made for the Prom in Pretty In Pink? It was terribly disappointing, given all the great ideas she had up until then, but let’s not dwell on that, let’s take a look at how you can introduce a little bit of pink into your wardrobe.

I am in no means advocating an all-pink look, that could be a step too far for most of us, but adding a little here and there to dip a toe into the trend. I assume it’s a trend, there’s definitely a lot of it about. Let’s ease in gently with this amazing pink Isabel Marant Etoile coat I am currently a little bit obsessed with…


Well, this is kind of cross between a jacket and coat, so the perfect item for now and into spring-time. If Spring ever starts. I think we’ve still got at least 5 more weeks left of winter. I’d pair this pink number with an all black ensemble. Loving this Whistles jumper, they also do one that says Sunday, but I fear you’d only be able to wear that one day a week, with ‘le Weekend’ you’ve got at least 2 days out of 7 and could probably wear on Fridays in anticipation too. These Sandro Trainers were a glaring omission from last weeks Fugly Trainers post. I am very much in love with them!

1. Isabel Floyd Wool Blend Blazer  (cheaper M&S alternative here!)
2. Whistles ‘Le Weekend’ Sweater
3. Sandro Flames Trainers
4. Whistles High Waisted Barrel Leg Jeans 



Not for the faint hearted this one I grant you, but I kind of love it. I would personally wear with a simple sweatshirt and jeans, but would also go with a white shirt, black jeans and your pointy boots. Have you got your pointy boots yet? I have this H&M sweatshirt, I bought it because it looks like Isabel Marant but only cost £18…

1. Mango Checked Structured Blazer
2. H&M Etolies Sweatshirt
3. Etoile Isabel Marant High Waist Cropped Jeans (on sale)
4. The Outnet Chinti and Parker Love T Shirt
5. Veja V10 Trainers 



Maybe you’d like to go really girly for date night, then how about a pink dress AND pink shoes? too much? Maybe, but how cute are these Ganni shoes? They would also look good with pale denim jeans and the bow shoes are good old M&S, so even though they are stilettos you’d think they might be a bit comfy…

1. Mango Striped Midi Dress
2. The Outnet Mother of Pearl Midi Dress
3. Ganni Patent Leather Shoes
4. M&S Stiletto Heel Bow Court Shoes 



I really just wanted to show you this suit from & Other Stories because I love a good suit. This would work so well with a pale pink sweater, but would also be just as good with a plain white T or a slogan sweatshirt. I’ve always worn suits with trainers, I blame those All Saints girls. It was a look I loved back in the late 90s, but for once, one that still works today. Unlike Combat Trousers and Timberlands, especially those Timberlands with the heels that J-Lo wore, WTF was that all about?

1. & Other Stories Plaid Blazer
2. J Crew Blush Pink Turtleneck
3. & Other Stories Plaid Creased Front Trousers
4. Mansur Graviel Mini Bucket Bag
5. New Balance WR996 Trainers




To end on, let’s go all out with hearts and flowers. Well, just hearts really. How cute is this fairisle jumper? God love & Other Stories, it has really earnt it’s place as my all time favourite high street shop. What did I ever do without it? I mean, I still shop around, but I’m always drawn into & Other Stories and rarely (read, never) come out empty handed!

1. & Other Stories Amour Light Pink Fairisle Sweater
2. New Look White ‘Je t’aime’ T Shirt
3. & Other Stories Heart Patch Stright Leg Jeans
4. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Round Leather Cross Body Bag
5. Nike Classic Cortez Trainers 


What are our thoughts on Valentines day? Ar eyou massively grumpy old cynic like me? or do you look forward to a day of love and romance?

K x

8 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. Oh yes, Pretty In Pink! I think I must have seen it a dozen times at the cinema, but I also wasn’t a fan of the prom dress when I had loved all her eclectic outfits up to that point. And she was super cool.
    The & Other Stories Amour jumper has lived permanently in my virtual basket for quite a few weeks now – it’s like a more bargainous version of the lovely Loewe jumper I’ve lusted after on Net A Porter (but couldn’t afford), but I think it’s because it’s pink that I’ve hesitated. Pink is not always my friend and I’ve just realised I have accumulated an obscene amount of jumpers, so I will just continue to admire it from afar.

  2. Love everything – just everything especially the Mango checked jacket and fairisle jumper. Valentines Day is ridiculous. Wearing pink is perfect. Wore head to toe pink to see Mean Girls the Musical in DC and it wasn’t even Wednesday. (Not sure if you’ve seen the movie as a mother of boys but for girls it’s a cult and Tina Fey is a legend.)

  3. Your Dad (and Mum of course) were married on Valentine’s Day a long long time ago, so it will always be special to us. Let’s see if we get her in pink for Wednesday.

  4. Love all of the John Hughes films. Makes me feel young again (quite sad) Say anything ❤ The Breakfast Club, 16 candles, Pretty in Pink…all amazing 👌👌👌 I’m a complete shoe lover, so loving the Sandro trainers (already on my wish list, although I preferred the mustard ones) also the Ganni patent flats 👌👌👌😘😘

  5. Forget to mention saw Psychedelic Furs late last year in DC at a small beer hall. Brilliant concert and although expected Pretty in Pink to be the standout, it was actually Heaven. Always interesting seeing concerts in America seventies and new wave as songs that were hits in Australia obviously not in the US.

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