New Jacket Required

I’ve definitely got a thing about jackets. I have far, far too many of them. Leather ones, Denim ones, Suede ones, Silky bomber ones, Canvas ones, Smart ones, Waterproof ones, the list is endless. That said, I do also love those true ‘Phil Collins’ days where no jacket is  actually required and you can skip off into the sunset safe in the knowledge the weather will not turn against you. I estimate, on average, we get 2 of these days a year in this country so jackets are a very useful item.

My current obsession is for anything embroidered, embellished, and most of all with something painted on the back. This ultimately does stem, once again from my teenage years. When I was 15 I won a local art competition. It was for textile design. I designed a lovely print of deckchairs and illustrated how it could be made into a nice pair of curtains for a Caravan ( In retrospect I’m guessing the level of my competitors was fairly low) I won £50 and I knew exactly what I was going to buy with it, a leather jacket! The next weekend I was on the first train out of suburbia heading directly for my shopping mecca, Kensington Market*, to buy one. When I returned home with my new purchase, and a few patchouli flavour joss sticks I bought with the change, I set about painting the New Model Army Logo on the back of it. I don’t think I even liked New Model Army that much, I just liked the logo and a boy I fancied was totally into them. Still, I loved that jacket and wearing it made me feel cool  I’ve been trying to feel cool ever since…I added the white to the Mango Bowie denim jacket and painted my Camo one in the photo above, my artistic skills aren’t quite as I imagined but I kind of like it. I had just watched ‘Funny Girl’ on Netflix, can you tell?

There is an amazing company in Camden called Laurie Lee who will paint whatever you like onto vintage leather jacket. I am so doing this as soon as I can be sure what I want  them to write. They also have a few already done, like these:

watermelon-7 cutepyscho-11



There’s also a load of great painted and embroidered jackets on the high street, I just succumbed (again) to Zara and bought this one… 9632244401_2_5_1

Here’s a selection of Embroidered, patched and painted jackets that may also help to make you feel like a cool 15 year old (Including the Bowie one from Mango that has been my summer staple, and it’s only £20 now in the sale!)

Until next time…

K x

*The spot that used to occupy Kensington Market is now a Currys PC World. Every time I walk past it I shed a small internal tear…

2 thoughts on “New Jacket Required

  1. Often wondered what had replaced Kensington Market. I lived in there during my late teens/early twenties, well not literally, lived on the corner of Kensington Church Street, but I can still remember the smell of the market and all the amazing shops in the nooks and crannys of the place…..The excitement of buying some jeans and boots from there….And celeb spotting 😀 Love your blog, it’s great!

    1. Wasn’t it great? It was our destination of choice as suburban teens! Whenever I smell a patchouli joss stick (which to be fair, isn’t very often these days) it takes me right back! Where do kids go now? Topshop? It’s just not the same is it? Thanks for reading! K x

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