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Wears My Money

I mean, really…

My 5 Rules For Shopping The Sales

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? To be honest all I wanted for Christmas this year was for it it be Christmas 2021. We had a nice day just the four of us and I’m hugely grateful and lucky to have had another 3 people to share it with, but it wasn’t the same as the usual big family affair. I do sincerely hope this was a one-off. I’m sure my Mum and Dad enjoyed some peace and quiet for a change, but I really missed seeing everyone in real life.

I got a Boot cleaning brush from my husband this year. Funnily enough that wasn’t on my list, but annoyingly I know it will be useful. Luckily I’d already bought myself a pair of ridiculous JW Anderson shoes that divided opinions over on Instagram, but made my heart sing. Plus I saw a photo of Daniel Levy wearing them this morning, so now I feel vindicated in my sartorial choices. If you don’t know who he is, shame on you. Watch Schitts Creek then come back to me…

Daniel Levy wearing My Christmas shoes

If you didn’t get what you wanted this year, then the winter sales are where you will get the best bargains. Mainly because the things that are discounted were usually at the expensive end of the closing spectrum, like Coats, Cashmere and Boots.

My 5 rules when shopping in the sales is ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did you contemplate buying it at full price ?
  2. Does it fill a hole you have in your wardrobe ? (metaphorically)
  3. Will you wear it more than 10 times ?
  4. Do you love it and can’t live without it ?
  5. Can you afford it?

If you can say yes to most of these 5 rules, then go ahead. You shall buy and your life will be complete. Well, maybe not, but you’ll feel good for a while, and that’s basically the best we can hope for these days. Here’s my pick of the sales for you. All of these items are discounted, I haven’t put the prices on as sometimes they fluctuate, Like special extra discount days that maybe don’t apply at the time of writing, so always check out the Homepage of the site for any extra deals just in case.


This is my number one item to look for in the sales. A really good classic coat that will see you through many months and years ahead. We all know how I feel about this Jigsaw Maxi City Coat, found it on sale in most sizes at Harvey Nichols. That’s another tip for you, if the actual shop website has sold out, or doesn’t have your size on sale. Do a little search around the department stores. Quite often they will have what you’re looking for.

shopping the sales 5 rules coats

1. Jigsaw City Maxi Coat
2. Hush Navy Pinstripe Crombie Coat
3. H&M Premium Quality Wool Blend Coat
4. Zadig et Voltaire Check Car Coat 


So many cute jackets around I had to give them their own little section. Leather is always a good one to look for at this time of year, but I’m strangely drawn to cotton quilted numbers and fleecy style jackets. Maybe it’s a Clothkits throwback memory. Did anyone else have their mum make clothes from Clothkits? Or was that just me? We really don’t make our own clothes at all anymore do we? That’s something I might try out this coming year, along with the knitting…

shopping the sales jackets

1. & Other Stories Quilted Cotton Floral Jacket
2. Liberty London Patti Signature Print Jacket
3. Hush Contrast Bomber Jacket
4. H20Fagerholt Faux Shearling Jacket 


This is really what I’m after in the sales. Unfortunately it seems so is everyone else, as so many I found were sold out. I also think the shops have wised up to our current situation of always having to be outside so haven’t put many of the big puffer coats in the sale. But I did find a few. Hush have theirs discounted and pretty much everything at Mango is in the sale too. If you don’t mind paying full price, check out my previous puffa coat blog for more options.

shopping the sale puufer coats

1. Barbour x Alexa Chung Quilted Jacket
2. Hush Mid Length Puffer Jacket
3. Mango Quilted Mid Length Jacket
4. Kenzo Red Quilted Jacket 


You know I’m going to steer you towards boots. Same as puffas, As we’re outside all the time if you want to see anyone else, then boots are what you need to see you through until Spring. The first lockdown seems like a breeze compared to now doesn’t it? When we were skipping over the fields in just our shorts and trainers. No in the bleak midwinter we need ALL the layers. Of course, if you are a bit more forward thinking you can look for trainers and sandals for next summer. These days I find it hard to look much past this afternoon, let alone next summer.

sales rules shoes and boots

1. Kurt Geiger Shore Tweed & Leather Boots
2. Diemme Leopard Pony Hair Hiking Boots
3. Date Leopard Print Hawk Trainers
4. Isabel Marant Bryce Lighting Trainers
5. Grenson Nanette Burgundy Leather Boots
6. Dr Marten Leather Pascale Lace Up Boots


This one could perhaps be a case of wishful shopping. The only bags I’ve had cause to use recently are poo bags and bags-for-life. Both essential in their own right, and not a good idea to get them mixed up… but I do long to take a handbag around the town, or even lug a laptop to a coffee shop and maybe have an actual meeting with someone. Hopefully those days will come back. When they do I’d love a new tote bag to carry all my things. My favourite is this Zadig et Voltaire suede number, but I’m also drawn towards this bright red leather Kin shoulder bag to liven things up a bit.

sales rules bags wearsmymoney

1. Baum und Pferdgarten Golden Check Tote Bag
2. Zadig & Voltaire Suede and Leather Tote Bag
3. & Other Stories Buckled Leather Handbag
4. Liberty London Coated Canvas Cross Body Bag
5. Kin Red Leather Grab Cross Body Bag
6. Coach Colourblock Chain Handbag 


Cashmere is obviously the thing to look out for. But like Puffas it’s not as thick on the ground this year as it might have been previously. The Outnet is a great place to look for top level knitwear at heavily discounted prices. I’m also a fan of Mango for jumpers. Loads of choice and really good value if you’re not stuck on having a high wool content. For cashmere, I really like Chinti & Parker, Zadig et Voltaire and Cos. For knitwear in general, ME & EM, Wyse London and Whistles always deliver, but even better when it’s on sale.

sales jumpers wearsmymoney

1. Chinti & Parker Navy Smile Jumper
2. Chinti & Parker Cashmere Love Jumper
3. Mango Cable Knit Sweater
4. Me and Em Snowflake Sweater
5. Stine Goya Zig Zag Knit Sweater
6. Zadig et Voltaire Marlon Striped Sweater 


Finally I had to do a small section on dresses. My love of a good dress hasn’t been dampened this year, despite not having had many places to wear them. It really hasn’t stopped me buying them. Again, I think this was wishful shopping on my part, but there’s always next year. I’ve put my name down as a volunteer to help with Covid vaccinations when they ramp it all up soon (fingers crossed). I won’t be stabbing anyone in the arm with a needle just yet, but I do expect to at least take possession of a clip board or a hi vis vest before April.

sales dresses

1. Anthropologie Dulcie Floral Midi Dress
2. All Saints Jessie 2-in-1 Dress
3. H&M Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress

I hope you all managed to have a decent Christmas. I will be back next week with a fairly self-indulgent post about all the GOOD things that happened to me in 2020. Always trying to keep a positive spin on things, If you don’t laugh, you will most definitely cry. Thanks again to every single one of you who takes the time to read my blog every week, I appreciate it so much. My IT Man/husband is working on making the site a bit more user friendly. Hopefully we’ll have a little rejog in the next few weeks. Maybe even get a comments section that works. Although that might be taking things too far…

See you next year.

Kate x