Midweek Treat – Ladylike Flat Shoes


Just a quickie for a Wednesday. Inspired both by me wearing my favourite Vivienne Westwood shoes today, and by my friend Phoebe, who is on the hunt for some shoes that have a low heel but are not brogues or loafers. Now, I love me a brogue or a loafer, but JUST sometimes, if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, you do need something a little less bulky and a little more lady-like. Even if you are going for jeans, these cute shoes can make you feel a bit more feminine. It is OK to want to feel girly at times you know. For me, as someone who cannot deal with any kind of heel over about 2 inches these days, these babies are ideal. So without further ado, here’s a nice selection of Ladylike Flat shoes for you to enjoy…

Do please let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like me to research for you, I’m always happy to take requests. I do still have to look for ‘a decent sized bag for work’ for another friend and an ‘all-weather coat that’s sort of a cross between a puffa and a parka’ for someone else, but keep them coming!


K x

3 thoughts on “Midweek Treat – Ladylike Flat Shoes

  1. Please find me a waterproof coat, with hood that doesn’t blow down, something I can walk my daughter to nursery wearing, with no umbrella, then go to work and not feel frumpy! I live in Scotland and the wind and rain in Winter is something else! Help!

  2. I really want a pair of Tabitha Simmons ‘Hermione’ velvet flats but they’re too pricey! Some of these are quite close though. If you could find a cheaper version of the Alexa Chung denim skirt that would be fab! Don’t want buttons down front and would prefer the split at the back! There only seems to be minis out there and I’m an old bird! Hope you have success without the £200 price tag! Thanks!

  3. I would like help finding a smart dress and /or coat for a late October wedding. I am mother of the bride and it is Oct 2018 but quite keen to look for it now. Thank you , I enjoy your blogs!

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