Midweek Treat – What I Bought This Week (June 7)

I thought I would start a new strand on the blog, ‘What I Bought This Week’. Can you guess what it’s about? The clues are there. One would hope that it won’t be any every week occurrence, plus I’m using some artistic license, ‘What I bought over the past fortnight or so, give or take’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Contrary to popular belief I can actually go for a week without buying new things, although to be fair, not that often…

Most of the items I will have worn on Instagram, so you can always check the Shop My Instagram feed, but I’ll try and do one of these with direct links every few weeks with current items I am loving…

First up, these Striped Trousers from Mango. Love these! they fit really well, (I got size Medium, I am a 12) good length and great fabric. Sometimes white trousers show your pants but not these bad boys!

mango striped trousers bought this week


To go with these, I bought this Black T-Shirt also from Mango. It’s like totally organic man, so kind of makes you feel good, plus again, a great fabric. I got Medium and it’s a perfect loose fit.

Mango black t shirt bought this week


Last week I bought the Navy Blue version of this skirt online from M&S, but when I went to collect it instore, I saw this version and I just liked it better, so I took the other one back. This one I plan to wear with white trainers and a white T-shirt once the weather perks up again. Fits true to size, although you might want to go down a size if you like the waist more fitted.

Marks and Spencer Maxi Skirt bought this week


Super, Super comfy sandals from &Other Stories, will be wearing these with pretty much everything once it stops being rainy and cold.

& Other Stories Black Sandals bought this week


A worthwhile charity jumper from Orwell & Austen that is also gorgeous cashmere AND totally cool. A win win. I think they only have size small left at the minute, but check back and see, I’m sure they will re-stock soon. They do the BEST cashmere! I bought a size large.

orwell and Austen Cashmere sweater bought this week


This bag from Davina Mulford was a gift, it’s a fantastic size for when you need to cart a load of stuff around. It’s a really classy understated design and made from excellent quality leather. It’s the perfect everyday bag. in fact I have indeed used it everyday since I got it.

Davina Mulford Hobo Bag

Bought this black top from COS yesterday at lunch time. I tell you, it’s dangerous working on High Street Kensington, COS is literally one minute from my desk. I thought this top was a smarter alternative to a long sleeve T-shirt. I’m thinking of wearing with a long necklace, black trousers and a fancy shoe. I love the puffiness of sleeves. A good looser fit. I bought my regular size 12.

COS black Ruffle sleeve top bought this week


My friend Zara lives in Cornwall and makes really cool silver jewellery. I bought these earrings from her Etsy store. They will go great with that black Cos Top!

Frenzy jewellery silver hoop earrings


Finally, I stocked up on my current favourite shampoo from Philip Kingsley. Purple shampoo and conditioner is a must if you have bleach blonde hair. It knocks out the yellow and gives you a creamier colour. Perfect for lazy people like me who can’t be arsed to get their hair seen to very often.

Philip Kingsley Silver Shampoo

K. x

14 thoughts on “Midweek Treat – What I Bought This Week (June 7)

    1. They do it in a lovely pale pink too. I was torn but I think I’ll wear the black more. Obvs.

  1. O Kate I love it ALL, and I love this kind of post as its everyday clobber/treats I can drool over. Will be watching out for the sales for sure. And all the sizing information is soooooo useful. FAB xx

    1. Excellent! I will make this a regular thing then, will that give me some kind of justification for my overspending?

  2. Love the blue and white striped skirt. Think I’ll have a look at that next week when I’m in London.

  3. How on earth do you work in High St Ken and not bankrupt yourself? I had a Saturday job in the late 1980s in Andronicas coffee shop which was in a little close next door to a record company just off High St Ken (Albert Hall end) and would regularly spend all my wages on T shirts in Jigsaw – I liked that they wrapped them in tissue paper – and whatever was on sale in Sisley (I didn’t earn much). Plus the band badges and old men’s jackets that still smelt like old men, from Kensington Market.
    Thank God I now live and work surrounded by fields in deepest Suffolk. Forget about the online shopping habit I have honed to perfection…
    Love the stripy M&S skirt – I bought the navy version after umming and ahing over the pair of them as I thought I’d get more wear out of it and, to be fair, I have worn it already.
    Great selection of goodies!

  4. It’s not easy! I do nearly bankrupt myself just going out to get lunch! Especially if I buy that lunch in Whole Foods! I also had a Saturday job on Ken High Street when I was at college. I worked in H&M – which Was originally right next to the station. I LOVED Kensington Market! X

  5. Love the recommendations coupled with the sizing tips. I’m so glad my work is based at a fashion dead zone. Kate you are so strong for not having a daily or hourly shop in Ken!

    1. Some days I just cant help myself though! Go out for an egg sandwich, come back with 2 t-shirts and a new pair of shoes!

  6. Which length did you got for Kate in the m&s skirt? Ridiculous but I can’t find a tape measure! Was hoping you’d say it comes up small as they’ve only got 12 upwards and I’m a 10-12 bottom half. Just wondering if the 12 would be too big. Proper love it though x

    1. I went for the regular length, think it was 36? Its definitely true to size. X

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