Lady Di Style for a New Decade

This post was inspired by a big collar blouse I bought from Ganni and a quilted jacket from Arket. I wore the jacket the other day and felt rather like a Sloane Ranger. I was in Chelsea at the time and had spotted at least 3 men wearing red trousers and loafers, that all added to the general feeling of the roaring early 80’s.

As I began to research photos of the classic Sloane Ranger, it became apparent that all of that style for the ladies stemmed from Lady Di. I say ‘Lady’, not ‘Princess’ as most of this inspiration comes from her early style before it got all white jeans and blazers (although to be fair, I’ve included some of that as I’m on board with both of those items right now)

I never met Princess Diana, I mean why would I have? But I did once spot her in Tower Records in Kensington High St in the early 90’s. I can’t vouch for the selection of CD’s she was buying. I like to dream that been ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ by the Shamen, but I think in reality she was more ‘Hazard’ by Richard Marx (both TUNES though!).

Me and my friend Louise followed her down the road, at a respectable distance, until she turned into Kensington Palace. We were struck by 2 things. That she was completely on her own and that her blue pumps were scuffed on the heels. This made us think she was a real person after all. So, let’s crack on with the Lady Di inspo. I think there’s a look for everyone here…


Shirts and blouses are big news for this season. I mean, to be fair, they always are when Spring rolls around and we don’t have to bundle up in big knitwear anymore. But this year it’s all about the frills and the collars. I’ve mentioned this the other week in my shirt blog, but the big collar is the thing. It will be everywhere by May, I bet you. Lady Di was a fan, she also favoured a lovely pie crust collar, another trend that’s back in a big way this year.

frill collar shirt

1. & Other Stories Ruffle Collar Silk Shirt
2. Arket Big Frill Collar Shirt
3. Mango Braided Design Bag
4. Cos Rounded Wool Culottes
5. Veja V12 Trainers 


A Sloane wouldn’t really be a Sloane without a Barbour Jacket somewhere in the wardrobe. But the 2020 update is taking inspiration from the lining of these kind of coats. The simple Khaki quilted liner jacket is my new favourite thing. Pair with your white jeans and your crew neck sweater for the full look. I love this one from Hush, a brand I’ve previously somewhat overlooked, but they have some excellent bits right now.

khaki quilted jacket

1. Hush Nellie Quilted Jersey Jacket
2. Cos Speckled Wool/Cotton Sweater
3. French Connection Fitz Boyfriend Jeans
4. Mango Oversized Flowy Shirt
5. Selected Femme X Anthropologie Gina Trainers 


Lady Di loved a good knit. Who can forget that Black Sheep jumper? I swear Gucci have based a whole collection on that look. Harry Styles has also adopted it as his own, and you know if Harry’s doing it, then I’m happy. A really busy knit is not for us all though, so how about a puffy sleeved spot number instead? I feel this one from & Other Stories and this one from Top Shop are totally on the money, especially when worn with the classic Gucci Loafers that I bet Diana wore all the time.

Spotted Jumpers

1. & Other Stories Red Heart Spot Jumper
2. Marc Jacobs Leather Box Bag
3. Top Shop Ivory Spot Embroidered Jumper
4. Top Shop Considered Straight Mid Blue Jeans
5. Gucci Brixton Leather Loafers 


A pleated skirt was an essential part of kit for any self respecting lady of the 80’s and they’ve never really gone away. These days we won’t wear with a sensible mid heel pump though, we will wear with trainers, boots or brogues. I’d like to bring back the shoes and socks look. A few months ago my Mum unearthed the first ever Next Directory from her archives and it was all oversized blazers with pleated skirts, worn with shoes and socks. If you don’t already have this jacket from & Other Stories, I can highly recommend. I have it in black from last year and it’s such a useful piece. I wear a lot.

arket pleated Skirt, & Other Stories Blazer lady Di style

1. & Other Stories Oversized Blazer
2. Mango Bucked Cross Body Bag
3. And/Or Annabel Textured Jumper
4. Arket Navy Pleated Skirt
5. Genevieve Sweeney Solline Natural Socks
6. Camper Chunky Sole Brogues 



Finally, Lady Di would never be without her navy blazer, and neither would I. A good one will take you anywhere and smarted up even the scruffiest of outfits. You could go for the classic Diana double breasted with gold buttons and wear with matching trousers. Or you could go for simple style to wear with your white jeans. J Crew and Boden are the best for this style. Good quality, well made and won’t date.

lady Di Navy Blazer

1. M&S Double Breasted Navy Blazer
2. Mango Small Knot Bag
3. The Outnet Ganni T Shirt
4. M&S Wide Leg Navy Trousers
5. Boden Elise Zebra Trainers 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks trip down memory lane. We may have mocked the Sloane Rangers back in the day when we were wearing crinkle fabric electric blue ski pants and fingerless neon gloves (or was that just me?) But it’s a style that is still relevant today, unlike those ski pants…

K x