Granny Chic – The 5 items you need

This week I have bought 2 new items of clothing, a cardigan and a pair of grey ribbed tights. Both of which would perhaps be more at home on either school girl or a lady of much advanced age. As I am seriously not in the habit of dressing like a child, I see this as more of a Granny Chic look and I am loving it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing like an old lady, My late Granny always looked great. I never saw her without her fuchsia pink nail polish and matching lipstick and she rocked a stay-press polyester pillar-box red suit like no-one else. (Gucci seemed to base their entire collection on my Granny,  and yes, I have totally bought into it on every level. As you well know) She was also a big fan of Marks and Spencers classic wool jumpers and a nice tweed jacket, just like the Queen. The Queen is another style icon of mine, say what you like about our Monarch but she can colour-block better than anyone else out there and she also goes big on tartan and tweed, a look I can get on board with.

granny Chic

I’ve waxed lyrical about pleated skirts recently, they would be a strong part of this trend, and a nice long-sleeve floral dress is high up on the old lady dressing agenda. I would bang on again about my beloved Top Shop Mensy trousers, but you already know my feelings there, and maybe they are more Grandpa than Grandma anyway. I predict a big cardi comeback this year and grey tights go really well with all the soft pink that’s starting to flood the high street. I got my grey ribbed tights from ASOS, they also sell some good ones in H&M (but the good fancy cable ones are not online unfortunately). Granny Grey Drawers hosiery will be your starting point for this look, don’t be afraid, they are great..

I’m thinking there are 5 basic items of clothing you need for Granny Chic. Add some of these to your wardrobe and throw on those grey tights and you’re halfway there. Let’s start with something the Queen is rarely seen without…


Granny Chic

It really should be leather, or a very decent imitation at the very least. It should also be structured, solid, smart and big enough to carry your essentials. What DOES the Queen carry in her handbag? I think she has a packet of tissues, some Nurofen, a packet of Werthers Original (obvs, she is old), reading glasses, a wad of rolled up £20’s, A Johnny Walker miniature, some chewing tobacco and an iphone 7 with Michael Bublé’s entire back catalogue downloaded on to it. We all love the Boobs…



Granny Chic

You need a cardigan to dress like a nan. A nice big chunky one in the winter to stop you getting a chill, but also a fine knit gauge to get you through to summer. Pockets are a must really, you need to have somewhere other than your sleeve to store all your tissues, although saying that my all time favourite cardi doesn’t have pockets. It is my Vivienne Westwood one. Had it for 7 years. Never goes out of fashion. Fits like a glove (but if you get one, size up as they are very fitted!) Quick, a lot of the stuff on her website is massively discounted right now, and her clothes epitomise this look.



Granny Chic


No spindly high heels here, no trainers, no ballet pumps. We need a good solid shoe. Either a block heel like Her Madge or a proper classic lace-up flat. Or like me, go for a pair that look like you are off to play golf! Wear with socks or your tights, those grey ribbed ones.



Granny Chic

Anything higher than the knee is out, anything lower than the calf also won’t cut it. It has to be something in between and it can’t be too tight. Pencil skirts look great with a block heel from above. A pleated or flared skirt is a perfect partner to the brogue. Once again Vivienne Westwood excels at the pencil skirt.



Granny Chic


My granny always wore a smart jacket. Ideally it should be tweed or checked, but a classic navy blazer is also very much acceptable. A blazer will immediately smarten up any outfit.

There you have it. I’m off to wash my grey tights again, watch Midsomer Murders and have a sweet sherry.

k x

P.S. For Helena, who asked me to research those strings that hold your reading glasses around your neck so you don’t lose them. This definitely works with this look! Find them here on Etsy. I bloody love Etsy,

P.P.S. Turns out we have very few photos of my Granny, but here’s two my mum managed to unearth


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  1. I buy straight wool skirts in charity shops . No one really wants them but hey are amazing – straight cut, down below the knee or calves , 100% wool and incredibly well made . I bloody love them ! I do like them with converse or brogues. I wore grey cable knits tights a couple of weeks ago and was asked if they were part of a prison uniform by one of my colleague. I always thought he was a twat and that confirmed it.
    This post made me smile – Marlene Dietrich has always been a big style icon for me – glad you think so too! Granny is looking good too! X

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