Cheap Frills and a nice bit of Ruffle

So, I know I’m probably a little late to this party. I’m sure that a lot of you have no doubt been sporting a fancy ruffle and frilly sleeve for a while. I was worried initially that it was just too flouncy and girly for me, but recently I bought a few shirts that I love, and now I’m 100% on board with this trend. Same can’t be said for gingham yet though. I still unsure about that one, but keeping an open mind for now.

My most recent ruffle purchase is this one below from Preen Edition at Debenhams. I can only dream of being able to afford the real Preen collection, so I was straight online checking out their cheaper line. I’m still not sold on Debenhams as a department store though it has to be be said. Let’s face it, it’s no John Lewis is it?

It was helpfully pointed out to me that it would be bugger to iron. Same could be said for anything pleated or frilly, but fear not as I have an answer for you. The good old GHDs make a perfect ruffle smoother and collar flattener. Heed my advise though and don’t use them while actually wearing whatever it is you are ironing. Unless you want to burn your neck. Not that I did that you understand. Honest…

Let’s move on with the frills. I would suggest if, like me, you are new to this, then maybe stick with just a top or shirt rather than the full on flamenco dress. We can move on to that when we feel a bit more confident. I also have to avoid too much of a shoulder pouff as it seems to make my massive head look teeny. Let’s start with something a bit subtle. An easy entry point is a white blouse, maybe with a touch of embroidery or some lace. I have the one from New Look that was recommended by Little Spree. I like it so much I bought in white AND black. I’m also drawn to the one below from Monsoon…

frills and ruffle


1. Monsoon Victorian Style Lace Top 
2. New Look Embroidered Front Blouse
3. & Other Stories Skinny Jeans
4. Warehouse Raw Hem Cropped Jeans
5. Sam Edelman Gold Satin Flats
6. Man Repeller Red Velvet Flats

Pale blue with a nice little ruffle is also a popular one right now. There are some lovely blouses out there, they look great with jeans. I love this one from River Island. (Must. Stop. Buying. Things. From. The. Blog). I also realised I didn’t include River Island in My Guide To The High Street, I’d say it’s a little bit ‘Hollyoaks’ on the surface but delve deep and they do some good tops and jackets. I got a great Gucci ‘inspired’ T-Shirt from there last year that has often been mistaken for the real deal.

frills ruffle

1. River Island Blue Stripe Broderie Blouse
2. & Other Stories Ruffle Front Blouse
3. & Other Stories Boyfriend Jeans
4. The Outnet Rag & Bone Distressed Jeans
5. Topshop Embroidered Sandals
6. Mango Satin Espadrilles

Finally, let’s throw a curve-ball in and try out a frill denim jacket. I’d say keep the rest of the outfit simple, something a bit like this maybe?

frills ruffle

1. & Other Stories Frill Denim Jacket
2. New Look Frill Denim Jacket
3. M&S Cropped Wide Leg Trousers
4. Mango Cropped Palazzo Pants
5. Stella McCartney Elyse Flatforms
6. Stradivarius Braided Brogues

I’d love to know how you feel about a frill. is it for you, or do you fear the flounce?

K x

9 thoughts on “Cheap Frills and a nice bit of Ruffle

  1. Fab blog post Kate. I love a frill but it’s all about proportion for me as I’m only 5 foot small.

    Give gingham a go. I started with a shirt with a narrow neck tie from Limited at M&S then one with a statement sleeve from H&M. I’ve graduated to a bigger gingham check shirt, one in pink and one in baby blue. Roll on summer 😊

    1. I’m sure I will try gingham, I just haven’t seen the one thing I like yet. I quite like the red gingham dress in Zara, but fear it’s too short for me!

      1. I took the plunge on the red gingham dress, despite wondering if I was 20 years too old for it, but I love it – it’s not as Little House On The Prairie as I feared it might be, just quite funky and actually flattering. I am a shade under 5’2″ and it’s not too short at all on me (perks of being a shortarse). Try it!

        Thanks for the links above – just ordered the Sam Edelman gold satin shoes which are amazing!

          1. Not yet – missed the good weather last week for it and it’s too bloody cold in windy Suffolk to consider it yet. But I definitely will – I loved it when I tried it on (at home, with a variety of footwear).

  2. I wasn’t sure about ruffles either so not sure how I ended up owning 3 rufflely tops. Although one I bought from Zara which is sleeveless has very large ruffles over the shoulders (which are also quite stiff ), I made the mistake of not trying it on in the shop and when I got home realised I looked like an e tea from Blake 7 or some other such space type 70’s series. I might try washing it and see if it calms the ruffles down a spot!

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