Bring On The Boilersuits

What is the difference between a boilersuit and a jumpsuit? This isn’t the start of a joke, it’s a real question. Is there even a difference at all? I think maybe a boilersuit is a looser fitting number with buttons or a zip at the front, but I could be wrong. What’s in a name anyway? Boilersuits/ Jumpsuits are BIG for this season. I have seen them everywhere. If you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe for Spring then an all-in-one is the way to go.

If you’re thinking, ‘Stop right there Missy, boilersuits are ugly, they will make me look like Phil Mitchell circa 1995’, I say, ‘Wooah Nelly, hold on, there’s something out there for everyone’. Yes, you may have to put up with some ribbing from your children, your parents, your colleagues and undoubtedly your significant others, but don’t let that put you off, hopefully you can rely on your friends to get with the programme.

So why do I like boilersuits? I like that they are not too fitted, they should be loose, they should be comfortable, like an adult onesie. There should be room to breathe, room to eat a decent meal and room to not have fabric clinging to your behind. A fitted jumpsuit is only your friend if you are of really svelte proportions. That ship sailed a while ago. I often look back of photos of me in my early 20’s in my crop tops and hot pants, (yes ladies, I went there) with fondness and wonder why I ever had any body hang-ups. Now I don’t really care about a bit of belly, or a larger arse as there will always be clothes you can wear to make it better. A fitted jumpsuit is NOT one of them.

That said, I have included a variety of styles here as it’s not all about me. (It is, obviously, but I will pretend for today that it’s not). Hopefully there will be one in here that might take your fancy…


I’ve been searching for a good denim jumpsuit for about 2 years now. I know I should get out more. I chanced upon this one from Next when I was looking at the Emma Willis collection range. To be honest, I rarely shop at Next, it’s sort of eternally tied in my mind with black kick flare ‘work’ trousers. I don’t know why, as there is a lot more to it these these days. Anyway, I ordered this jumpsuit ‘just to see’, (excellent delivery service too, literally ordered at 11pm, arrived next day before 12pm!) turns out it’s pretty much the perfect denim all-in-one. I ditched the belt when I wore it his week. Doesn’t really need it. Paired it with Air & Grace trainers and a Breton underneath. Perfect.

  1. Next Long Sleeved Denim Boilersuit
  2. M&S Cotton Rich Striped Top
  3. Boden Snakeprint Leather Mini Saddle bag
  4. J Crew Parke Wool Flannel Blazer
  5. Golden Goose Green Glitter Hi-Tops


This jumpsuit is basically an updated version of the Navy Blue one I bought last summer. It’s slightly more lightweight but the style is essentially the same. I love mine and have worn it a lot. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger but it fits really well. I’ll wear my old one with my fresh New Balance Trainers. I saw a girl on the tube wearing these this week. I had found them on ASOS and ordered them in the time it took to go 2 stops from Hammersmith to Earls Court. Impressive shopping skills even for me.

  1. Cos Belted Cotton Jumpsuit
  2. Hill and Friends Happy Logo Tote Bag
  3. H&M Check Trenchcoat
  4. New Balance 597 Miami Trainers


I fondled this one in the actual shop this week. I like to do my research if I can. It’s a good loose-fitting style in a fabric that feels more expensive than it is. It also comes in Khaki, but they don’t seem to have many left in that colour. Pair it with other tonal blue colours. I love a one colour look. I also love these Peanuts Watches. I’ve already got the Charlie Brown and the Lucas one. There’s also a Snoopy one, but call me cold-hearted, he was my least favourite character in the Peanuts. I was all about Lucy, Charlie and Peppermint Patty.

  1. H&M Blue Belted Jumpsuit
  2. Peanuts Lucy Wrist Watch
  3. Arket Merino Box Jacket
  4. School Of Life Emotional Baggage Bag
  5. Nike Air Max 90 2 Trainers


Looking for something just a little bit smarter? Something you actually could wear to the office without fear of ridicule? Then this Mango number could be the one for you. It’s like a one piece suit. Thrown on a white vest underneath and some classic white trainers. I always have to wear something under my jumpsuit for fear of someone busting in while you’re basically naked on the toilet.

  1. Mango Grey Herringbone Jumpsuit
  2. Kirstie Le Marque Angel Wing Drop Necklace
  3. Sezane Leather Camel Bucket Bag
  4. H&M Camel Wool Blend Coat
  5. Axel Arigato Clean 90 Leather Trainers


OK, I know this one is very similar to the Cos one on paper, but in real life it is quite different. It’s made from a much thicker more structured material and looks WAY better in the flesh. I spied in in store but they only had size 8’s, so I’ve ordered it in a 12, again, just to see. Wear with a classic trench, a bright bag and (as ever) some trainers. These Chloe Sonnies are expensive but I do love. Repeat after me, I . Do. Not. Need. Any. More. Trainers…

  1. Topshop Boutique Utility Jumpsuit
  2. John Lewis Kin Erika Box Bag
  3. Whistles Balloon Sleeve Trench Coat
  4. Chloe Sonnie White Trainers

I’ve included a few Trench coats here but I have had some requests to do a full blog on them, so that could well be next week’s issue.

K x

9 thoughts on “Bring On The Boilersuits

  1. Another great Sunday morning read!
    For me a boilersuit is specifically utility, think overalls. Whereas a jumpsuit is a more general term, and could be a boilersuit, but could quite easily be the more chic, dressy version. That’s my definition, anyway! I know what you mean about them looking like nothing on the hanger – most of them don’t look promising until you see them on!
    I have one jumpsuit, navy jersey, wrap front, short sleeves, looks stylish, feels like I’m wearing pj’s from Baukjen – and seeing I’m not a dress person, this will be the closest to a buffet dress I’m ever likely to get!
    I am after a longer sleeved version, again in navy (or blue), but being petite and busty this is proving difficult! My list of wants may be too specific – I like the mango one, but not in grey, the HM one is a good colour, but short sleeved – see, I’m way too picky! I ordered one from Boden last season, ticked all the boxes but just didn’t fit as well as I hoped. (I’m hoping it isn’t going to be the same as when I was after a pair of greyish snakeskin flats, couldn’t find then for love nor money – now I’ve gone off the idea, they’re everywhere!)

    1. I often find when I’m searching for something specific that I can never mind the right one and then a year or so later you can’t move for them! Denim boilersuits case in point!

  2. Bought 3 of the above plus a dress I’d already seen in COS. Ermmm….thanks! 😬 Love the blog…could have bought everything…those Chloe trainers though!!!

  3. I do love a good boiler suit and have put up with being the focus of mechanic jokes for a few years (love the Phil M ref!). I bought the black COS one a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it too! In fact I love all the suits you’ve featured and all the trenches and all the trainers…. I might have to go and sit in a dark room for a while and cut up my debit card 🙈🙈🙈 x

  4. Great post, thanks Kate! Found “my” denim jumpsuit last summer after years of searching too (why are they so tricky?) from Selected Femme so trying very hard to ignore the Next one 😬. I do have the same COS one as you (coincidentally!) too and am wearing both to death at the moment.

    Re trench coats, my old one still going strong but could really do with a longer update to wear with wide-leg trousers and midis. Have COS, Arket & Uniqlo ones on my radar to try, but any other suggestions (particularly at sub-£100) would be fab. I’m 5’ 9” and it’s a struggle to find any that hit mid-calf… x

  5. I can’t seem to find any that are long enough in the body for me. I’m not tall (5’6) but really struggle getting most on and off. Not great when you need a wee!

  6. I bought the cos one (at least it looks like that one) I’ve struggled with footwear due to the leg length ( I’m quite tall), I bought it at the beginning of winter but I think it’s definitely a spring / summer item as it looks odd with anything other than trainers or sandals / Birkenstock’s x

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