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Wears My Money

I mean, really…

Amazon Fashion July Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. I wasn’t going to do this edit until later this month, but it’s Prime Day, or Days, today, July 12th and tomorrow, 13th July. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love getting an extra discount, so I’ve rushed this one out in case any of my picks are in the big sale. Fingers crossed some of them are. Like all sales, it’s hard to tell in advance, but I really hope this dress has an extra price drop as I think will be great for holidays (and this heatwave), and these linen shorts that are perfect for the beach as they are super light AND have that all-important, beach-friendly elasticated waist.

Oh, and I will never not add the ever-popular (and for good reason) big granny pants to these edits. I’m really hoping they go in the sale so I can add more to my collection! Also worth checking if any of the things in the previous Amazon blog posts here and here are in the Prime Day deals.

No actual prize for spotting something useful if you’re going abroad, something for your dog, something to help you sleep and something for your spots!