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I mean, really…

Age inappropriate (part 3)

After a short break to talk about warm weather gear, here we are back with the third part of 10 things grown women are not supposed to be wearing. According to some dullards we should be clad in beige and wearing a sensible low wedge shoe, god forbid we should take it upon ourselves to wear anything fun. So far we have covered mini skirts, Leopard print, trendy denim, silly shoes, band t-shirts and dungarees. Here we are with the final chapter…

7. Bold Prints

Bold Prints

According to the article I read about dressing age-appropriately, Bold prints are out because…’these can spell danger as you get older’. This is ridiculous, why not rock a bold print? My only advice would be watch where you buy from. I love M&S more than the next person but I always steer clear of Per Una for fear of being stood next to a 70 year old on the tube wearing the very same blouse. So when you go or a bold print stick to shop that caters for maybe a less mass market clientele..

8. Novelty Socks


I bloody love a novelty sock, the older I get the more I like them. This love was exacerbated when we went to Vancouver this summer and found a shop that sold THE BEST sweary socks ever. I haven’t found those exact ones available online, but have found some similar. I also love a glittery sock and a fishnet sock. In the winter when the chill forces you to put away a bare ankle, but fashion still dictates a cropped trouser, then a novelty sock is your friend…

9. Leather


To be fair, I think this in relation to tight leather trousers, leather mini skirts and any coloured leather, but all of those are A-OK with me. I haven’t found a suitable pair of leather trousers as yet, but that’s not for lack of trying. I do, however own 4 leather skirts, 3 faux leather skirts, a classic biker jacket, a navy bomber jacket and many more! Everyone should have a biker jacket, why shouldn’t it be in a colour? and at you must have at least one leather skirt in your wardrobe. It’s wipe-clean fashion too, whats not to like about that? Again, in Vancouver this summer I saw a lady of advancing age wearing head to toe red leather, she looked so great I had to take a secret snap…

red leather lady

Here’s a load of leather you can definitely be down with at any age…

10. Baby Pink

baby pink

And I quote; ‘If you don’t want to appear girly, go for a strong fuchsia shade or feminine but stylish purple-hue. Leave baby-doll pink for those who are the right side of 22!’ Stuff and nonsense! Purple is NOT stylish. Although to be fair, I probably have an irrational fear of purple as my school uniform was purple and lilac so they are not colours I have worn much since. Baby pink though, I am totally on board with, and if we reach a certain age, are we then not allowed to feel just a little ‘girly’ once in a while?…

Are there any other things you have been told are ‘not suitable’ past 22? I’d love to hear!

k x