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Wears My Money

I mean, really…

A lululemon lifestyle

This post is sponsored by lululemon. Do I have a lululemon lifestyle? Well, depends what that consists of. I do now actually go to the gym, which I literally NEVER did until last year as I don’t really like getting out of breath, or sweaty. This kind of shrinks the scope of exercise that I will attempt to do. BUT a friend suggested I try strength training with a personal trainer. I went to meet Naheed for a trial session back in September last year and I’ve been going to her once a week ever since and I actually really enjoy it. It helps that we have a right laugh; I’ll go anywhere for a right laugh.

Naheed, my dungeon master and PT. She is wearing the Lululemon Rain-Repellent High-Rise Running Tights, I am wearing the High Neck Run and Train T-shirt and the Wunder Train High-Rise Tights.

I do sweat though – there’s not much getting around that, I’m afraid. But I’ve also toned up so much more than I expected. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting stronger and I feel SO much stronger. My bingo wings have also shrunk and my bum has lifted. Turns out it actually works to work out. 

A consequence of going to the gym is that I now need good workout clothes. lululemon was the first place I went to look for this. My husband is from Vancouver (where the brand hails from) and every time we have visited over the years I was always struck by how everyone was wearing this brand. Honestly, they literally live in it over there. I can now see why. 

Not only are the clothes made expressly for the purpose of exercise (they have specific gear for yoga, running, training, dancing, cycling – you name it) they are SO comfortable that you never want to take them off. My favourite is the Energy Longline Sports Bra – it’s just the best, secure and also exceedingly soft. I also rate the Wunder Train High-Rise Tights and the High Neck Run and Train T-shirt, which is so light and breezy and just what you need when you don’t like sweating!

Here are all my top lululemon picks: