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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Style Crush Sunday — Jenna Lyons

Last week I did Festive party outfits and while browsing Pinterest for photo’s to illustrate the post, I came up with many of Ms Lyons, which served to remind me of how much I love her style. I can’t believe I haven’t added her to one of my previous Style Icons posts. So to make amends I’m doing this post just on her. If you like this kind of “Steal-Her-Style’ post, let me know and I will do more. For those of you who are not aware of Jenna Lyons, here’s a potted history. She was at J Crew for 26 years, rising up to become president and chief creative director. She resigned last year and as yet has not popped up at another fashion or design brand, but surely it won’t be long before she does.

There are many reasons I love her style, she likes manish tailoring, but also pretty shoes and tulle skirts. She pairs a breton with a print, denim for evening, and uses khaki and leopard print as a neutral. This week I’ve really been taking inspiration from her. By inspiration, I really mean I’ve been blatantly copying her style and passing it off as my own. My god, I even wore my glasses this week and I never wear them out of the house. I’m even thinking of getting a few new pairs so I can wear more often. I think I’m going to go for these Celine ones, because if I’m going to embrace glasses a bit more often then they may as well be the BEST glasses!

Let me show you how she can inspire us all by breaking down the key elements of her looks and how we can make it work for us.


This has always been one of my favourite looks, ever since the late 90’s. I don’t think it’s dated since then. The trainers may be more upmarket and the suit of better quality, but if I’m at a loss of what to wear to a fancy do, this will always be my fallback outfit. A lovely satin lapel jacket is my top choice. I got mine in the sale from Maje a few years ago and I have worn it to the Brit Awards 3 years in a row. No-one has noticed, so undoubtedly it will come out again next year.

1. All Saints Selma Blazer
2. Topshop Satin Camisole Top
3. Zadig and Voltaire Navy Suede Rock Clutch
4. Reiss High Waisted Tuxedo Trousers
5. Ash Studded Leather Trainers 


Jenna has it right, everyone should own a good Navy Coat. Nice and smart, to throw on over jeans or army style chinos. Add a statement scarf, a classic sweatshirt and swap your trainers for a pair of pointy stilettos to truly channel Jenna for day to night dressing. Hoorah that the H&M Coat I bought last month is now online. I have worn it loads, such a great coat.

1. APC Sweatshirt
2. Topshop Faux Fur Colour Block Scarf
3. H&M Double Breasted Navy Coat
4. Next Camouflage Chino Trousers
5. M&S Pointed Toe Stilettos 


I touched on this last week for evening wear. It shouldn’t really work, but it does. Also gives you an added layer of warmth at this time of year. Wear over your white shirt and under your faux fur coat. Add some sparkle with a sequin top and some decorative heels.  Not forgetting it’s also a massive summer staple, so a double win, or even a quadruple win if you will, Summer, Winter, Day AND Night!

1. Topshop Lightweight Shacket
2. Pretavoir Celine Glasses
3. Current Elliot Studded Boyfriend Jeans
4. J Crew Cropped Rose Gold Sequin Top
5. M&S Satin Decorative Stilettos 


Come on, we’ve all got at least 3 of these right? Goes with everything. Try pairing with something patterned or maybe a fancy sequin skirt?. Again, I know it shouldn’t work but somehow it does. Especially if that pattern is some kind of animal print. Alternatively go for a colour block look, or simply wear with your Shacket, Navy Coat and jeans. A perennial favourite.

1. Boden Long Sleeve Breton Top
2. DVF Bi-Colour Leather Clutch Bag
3. Dorothy Perkins Red Double Breasted Coat
4. Miss Selfridge Premium Sequin Skirt
5. Mango Snakeskin Print Pumps 


The icing on the cake and goes with everything. My old Toppers one comes out every year, this week I teamed with Shacket and Breton Stripes AND glasses. Like I said, totally ripping off the Jenna Style. If you don’t have a leopard coat, then why ever not? I’m telling you, you will NOT regret.

1. J Crew Leather Signet Bag
2. Me + Em Short Guernsey Jumper
3. New Look Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat
4. Zara High Waisted Crop Cord Trousers
5. Vivienne Westwood Roman 3 Strap Sandals 

Let me know who your style icons are and I will do a few more posts like this. If anyone mentions Gemma Collins or Katie Price then you’ve obviously come to the wrong place, but just for fun can we please show our appreciation for this photo again…

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

K x

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