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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Feeling Free People

This post is sponsored by Free People. It seems to be a brand that you either love or have never heard of. I discovered it a few years ago, thanks to seeing the ‘Love Of My Life’ dress being worn most excellently by Karen Blanchard (aka KarenBritChick). Although, let’s be honest, everything she wears looks great. I was surprised when I ordered it, how it could be flattering on a slightly older, more lumpy lady too, but more on that later. The dress that is, not my lumps…

Free People was founded in Philadelphia in the 1970s and was the original incarnation of Urban Outfitters. The name was changed somewhere along the way. In 2001 the owners decided to resurrect the Free People name and make clothes for free-spirited individuals. The clothes were aimed squarely at 26 year old women but, I’m here to tell you, there’s plenty there for everyone at any age. There’s a LOT on the site, so I’ve narrowed it down to 4 of the things I think Free People do best…


I’m wearing the ‘Livin’ In the City seamed ‘pants’, although we call them trousers in this country. If I was living in the city in my actual pants I’d probably be getting a few strange looks on the tube. Although, living in London, no-one would really bat an eyelid. These trousers are an excellent lightweight cotton/linen blend and a slouchy, easy style. I tend to go for a medium in most Free People clothes and I am a standard UK size 12


If there’s a more comfortable jumpsuit than this one, then I’d like to see it. This is the ‘I Got A Feeling’ soft cover-all. I’m not sure who has the job with coming up with the names for all the Free People clothes, but they all seem to be named after a song. Does that mean this jumpsuit was made to be worn by Will.I.Am?  Maybe he favours an elasticated drawstring waist on his all-in-ones as much as I do. This jumpsuit ties at the back of the neck so it’s quite easy to get on and off. There’s also an open back, but don’t panic ladies, it’s not too low that you can’t wear a bra.


This is the Free People ‘Love Of My Life midi dress. It’s a classic. They make it every year in varying colours. Don’t panic if your size is out of stock in your preferred colour as they tend to restock regularly. I am wearing a medium here, but I also have it in a rust orange colour in large for a less fitted look. One thing to note is that it is very low-cut. I’m not brave enough to wear it like that so I either wear a vest (glamorous) underneath or pin it slightly higher up to spare my modesty. Free People do a great range of summer dresses; I’d go so far as to say it’s what they do best.


Casual is what Free People is all about and you can’t get much more casual than great at-home wear. I say ‘At Home’; I wore this outfit (with added shoes) all day on Monday. It’s the acceptable face of loungewear. These trousers are part of a lounge set called ‘Better Days but I’m wearing them with the ‘Parker Pullover, which is like your most favourite worn-in sweatshirt. This outfit is just SO comfortable, I love it.

Before I go, another thing that Free People do REALLY well is cashmere. Not something you particularly need for the next few months (hopefully), but my favourite ever cashmere jumper is from there. I bought it in their King’s Road shop 3 years ago and I have worn and washed it loads without any bobbling or shrinkage. It’s this one in black. I might get it in another colour for next winter.

K x

Oh, and they also do an excellent selection of sandals. They also stock the fluffy birkenstocks. Something every pair of feet should have!

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