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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon September Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion, but once again it also contains a fairly random mix of things I have recently ‘primed’. First and foremost, we must talk about the no VPL pants. They do what they say, are really comfortable, have a glamorous grey cotton gusset and don’t fall down when you wear them with a skirt (so I’m told; I haven’t personally tested this myself yet). They are a great companion to your everyday big pants. Which I know you all have by now. Also, a mention has to go to this pack of four reading glasses for £20. Owned by myself and, as it turns out, at least four of my friends. Splash out on two packs and you’ve got one for every handbag and every room in your house.

For home manicure fans, may I recommend this crystal nail file and this strengthening treatment, both from Margaret Dabbs, a brand I totally trust when it comes to nail care. For dog owners whose beloved pooches like to roll around in shit (why is this?), this shampoo actually works and is a lot less messy than tomato ketchup, which I know others swear by to remove the smell. I also had to buy him a new collar. This one is super sturdy and an excellent price.

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