Summer in the City


After being all cross with the rubbish weather and trying to blame it on my husband (“Don’t take your weather anger out on me please.”), summer seems to have finally arrived in full force. We’re melting in London and now I’m blaming the heat on him too. Now that we have a summer, I’m like ‘what the shitting hell do I wear now?’  I’d given up and started thinking about Autumn. I never even bought the usually compulsory new sandals, shorts or sundresses. I’ve spent all my money on jackets and jumpers. On the flip-side, most of those things are now on sale, although it’s getting to sale dregs in the shops now; that time of year when they bring out all the old crap they had lying around in the stock room and try and sell it off on the cheap. But even at £2.99, that lime green polyester vest with ‘let’s take a selfie’ emblazoned on the front is never getting sold. Online is still your sales friend.

Now, I love me some shorts and a vest in the comfort of my own garden, in my ‘happy’ place on the sun lounger with a Mojito in hand. Everyone has a ‘holiday drawer’ under the bed don’t they? That place where you stash your denim cut-offs and emergency-buy holiday sun dresses from Primark that only ever get worn abroad, but that won’t cut it for work. Even in my office, where there is no dress code at all, going to work in the heat brings a whole new world of challenges. Personally I don’t believe anyone should be wearing a flip-flop and a hot pant in the work place. Only yesterday I saw a lady in the canteen queue sporting boob tube… Live and let live I suppose, but too much flesh on show around the photocopier sets my teeth on edge…

To that end I had a quick look around the shops at lunchtime – bought the dress I’m wearing above from H&M – totes office appropes I feel. Yes? (sorry it doesn’t seem to be online yet, so I can’t link)

I reckon some lightweight cotton is our best bet, no linen pants with elasticated waists though please ladies, we can do better than that. I don’t like anything too short these days and due to my rather sad spur-of-the-moment-I’ll-have-one-on-each-arm-please 90’s tattoos I also favour some kind of sleeves too, and white, white is good in heat is it not? Something like these dresses maybe?


H&M White cotton midi dress with balloon sleeves – £39.99

 Claudia Pierlot white cotton midi dress – £152.50 (was £305)

IMG_0101 &other stories white cut-out embroidery midi dress – £48.00 (was £95)

Or maybe we could go for a nice blue pinstripe cotton shirt with some clogs and a denim skirt? I wore this combo today, the eternal summer uniform of 1970’s mums everywhere. I can live without the bubble perm, but I’m very happy to revive a Campari and soda at 5pm, followed by a Prawn Cocktail for dinner…



H&M stripe cotton shirt – £14.99

Zara blue stripe embroidered shirt – £29.99

Zara blue stripe Pom Pom trim shirt – £29.99

Stella McCartney denim skirt – £177.00 (was £295.00)


Baukjen denim pencil skirt – £44.00 (was £89.00)

IMG_0099H&M denim button front skirt –  £19.99

Swedish Hasbeens red leather clog sandals – £139.00

Miu Miu canvas print leather trim clogs – £210 (were £420)

Lotta from Stockholm red leather clogs – £57.50

While I’m on a shirt tip, can I share this simple, yet very effective shirt sleeve roll that I have been doing since I read about it, the J Crew roll apparently, it works a treat…
How to roll sleeves for summer.Hope you don’t melt too much this week, until next time…

K x