Pretty in Pink – Valentine Special

pink outfits

So it’s nearly Valentines day. Over-rated load of old tosh made up by a card company? The most annoying day of the year for singles? An excuse for a romantic night out with your loved one and a chance for a nice dress up? Whatever your feelings are, there is no getting away from it. Valentines day is pretty much rammed down your throat these days. Being that I am a sheep, I’m running with it and doing the same to you. Sorry, there will be some nice pink things coming up soon.

pink outfits

I don’t go a bundle on Valentines day, I think experiences in my youth have tainted it. I don’t recall ever getting a secret card (apart from one from my Dad, which is sweet, but it doesn’t count) When I did have a boyfriend around that time as a late teenager, he gave me a book, ‘The Joy Of Sex’ book, I mean really? WTF? What does that say about me? About him? Unsurprisingly that relationship didn’t last much past March.

I think what I like most about Valentines Day now is the ‘Dine in for 2’ meal deals in M&S and Waitrose. I’m more interested in cheap food and booze than romantic liaisons. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years this year, 20 years! how the bloody hell did that happen? less time for murder etc. So, even though we are not romantic in the slightest, we must have done something right. This year I will be spending my V Day evening driving the kids to my parents house as I do the old half-term/work juggle. Half Term in February always falls the week before the Brit Awards, which in my line of work is the second busiest week of the year (after the pre Xmas rush!) so it’s a bloody nightmare. My Mum and Dad got married on Valentines day and are nearly 50 years strong. I imagine they are over-joyed to have me and the kids for dinner on Tuesday night…

If I was to be going out for romance, I would probably throw on something pink, get into the spirit. You can’t have failed to notice that pink is a big theme fashion-wise for this coming spring. I’m fancying a bit baby pink with denim and even though I worry that the fancy sleeved M&S jumper will fall in to my dinner I still have ‘feelings’ about it…

There is so much choice, Top Shop probably have the best pink range on the high street. I’m very tempted with the floral midi dress for spring and those M&S heels with the bow also come in black. Very Isabel Marant indeed and for less than £50. Bargain.

If you are going out this Valentines, do have a lovely time, wear and drink something pink for me.

K x

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  1. Those office boots 😍😍! Totally impractical for me, although if i sprayed them enough with Suede protector……..

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